Wyze Event SPAM: A new low for CamPlus marketing

After divorcing my Wyze cam V3’s from the Wyze app using the old factory RTSP firmware and ZoneMinder several years ago (with really no complaints), I switched to Frigate this week. Mostly works but Frigate, historically, seems to have an identity crisis as to whether it wants to be a motion detector or an object recognizer. Only in recent releases is this issue being addressed and the docs are lagging.

So before I roll up my sleeves and start fiddling with Frigate configuration options ,
I figure I’d turn to the Wyze app as a stopgap. I set it for motion detection and notification.

Today I wake up and each of my three cams has a single event.

But it’s not an event at all. It’s spam from Wyze touting the benefits of CamPlus once again.

Look, Wyze-guys: I get it. I think we all get it. Through a myriad of avenues we can’t avoid the apprehension that Wyze has various subscription plans available.

And I get that Wyze cams are mostly likely being passed along at cost and the real money is in the subscriptions

Apparently, some people are getting charged for it without their explicit permission.

But these spam events were a new “[Mod Edit]?” moment for me. I don’t know if they triggered the full bevy of notifications but they rolled in at about 4:30 in the morning, if they’d woken me up I’d be pretty upset.

In searching for previous posts on this subject I read with some amusement recent posts asking why HA integration isn’t implemented and other issues suggesting Wyze is ignoring the desires of it’s customers

Ha! As far as Wyze is concerned, it’s only “users” are those who maintain a subscription. I realized this immediately when I bought my first V3 many years ago, and it’s funny to see people with years and 100’s of installations only realizing it now.

I hear Wyze is focusing on Matter integration. If this is true I’m confident it’s because they’ve found a way to charge for it.

I’ve thought about subscribing to CamPLus, it’s cheap enough. But the overall sleaze factor soon reaches a point where my visceral reaction is to boycott it regardless of its value proposition…

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Correction. It’s more than a dozen events. And yeah they’re dinging me with annoying notifications each time.