Wyze Employee Spotlight — Li Tan

We’ve got over 50 job openings at Wyze. We’d love you to have you join the team. While you’re thinking about it, check out this month’s employee spotlight from Li Tan, Product Manager of the Outdoor Cam!

What is something that was discussed in one of your team slack channels this week?

Thanks to our new cybersecurity team, we discussed an updated way to report cybersecurity issues collected from internal teams. It’s great to see we’re investing further into protecting our customers from vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks.

What is something Wyze-related that only you or your team know about?

Soon Wyze Cam Outdoor will have a new accessory!

What did you do this week at work?

Analyzed product health metrics and dashboards for Wyze Cam Outdoor setup success rate. There was a bug in Android that counted the setup success rate incorrectly. I also worked with our hardware and software engineering teams to discuss some roadblocks and ongoing issues for a new product we are currently calling “Project Helios” and worked with our e-commerce and marketing teams to prepare for the upcoming launch.

What was your biggest win at Wyze so far?

Wyze Cam Outdoor with a team that genuinely cares about our users! It was a hard but rewarding experience. We didn’t stop iterating at the time of the launch, but continued to bring new features. updates (and bug fixes, of course) to our users. Wyze Cam Outdoor is nowhere near perfect but we’re dedicated to building the “too good to be true” products for our user community, and it will keep getting better.

Thanks, Li! That wraps it up for this month’s Employee Spotlight. Thanks for joining us!


Sneaky. The link takes us to a page of Wyze ads.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I love these hints. Using logical deductive reasoning, you’ve given us enough to know that you are talking about a solar power option of the WCO.

  1. It’s my understanding that only the V3 has a port with data capabilities. The rest are Power-only ports. This means the only accessory for the WCO could be something dealing with powering it.
  2. “Helios” is related to the sun. This means that “Project Helios” suggests this “accessory” is all about powering the WCO with the sun. Meaning Wyze has created a weather-resistant solar power solution for the WCO so we don’t have to keep bringing it inside to charge!
  3. The launch for this is upcoming soon!

Thanks for the awesome hints Li Tan! I love it! For the record, I deduced all of the above from the hints in this post. (As of this writing I have no inside information at all, nor am I a tester of this or anything else to date, though I would LOVE TO BE…though then I’d have to keep my mouth shut because of NDA’s :thinking: ).

However, it helps that Dongsheng Song announced this was being worked on in the AMA way back in October as you can hear for yourself here:


Yeah, so solar panel is in the work we have a prototype I’m testing right now. uh it’s not quite to the standard that’s quite working yet, but yes solar panel is in the work.

So I’ve been expecting more on this announcement for some time.

I was hoping that Wyze would expand this project/test beyond the WCO to have a solar solution for the V3 as well though. I’d honestly prefer that (though I might get another WCO or two if a solar solution means I’ll never have to charge them!). Hopefully they can expand the project to include a battery and multiple solar panels for the V3 &/or Video Doorbell) to have constant power somewhere too. That would make me so happy! Maybe some people here in the forums will find a good modification to make it work with V3’s too (adding batteries, etc).

I wonder how much power this Solar panel will provide…will it provide enough power for a WCO with Cam Plus recording 5 minutes at a time with no cooldown? Will it provide enough power for a WCO set to do timelapse or long term scheduled recordings? I really wonder what the limits will be. These will be things I hope testers figure out and can be answered well when it launches.

Thanks for the hints Li Tan (Is that @WyzeLi ?), I love these spotlights giving us some cool updates like this! Hearing this is finally about ready is great! :smiley:


Yeah, funny mistype, he accidentally typed /offers at the end of the Wyze website instead of /careers which would instead take us here:

Well that can’t be entirely true. The V2 supports some kind of data or else it couldn’t be used as a webcam (or, probably, properly support the old Sense bridge).

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Oh yeah, you are right! Interesting. I wonder why they made such a big deal about this in the AMA then. They implied that it was something new and special with the V3 that they couldn’t do with the others, such as making a spotlight, or doing Power Over Ethernet in the future etc…but you are right that it seems like at least the V2 could’ve done all this as well…I didn’t think about that, was just going based on what was implied in the AMA. hmmm…

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Fixed! My brain checked out a little early this Friday. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hire him already :stuck_out_tongue:

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