Wyze Drops "Works with Google" from app... Google still tells me "This isn't an issue with google services"

I don’t recommend wyze anymore. Wyze started out cool but they’re horrible now. Don’t buy it, don’t recommend it, replace your wyze stuff with reliable alternatives. They don’t even respond to customers issues. It’s time to move on


I remember when my WYZE cams worked with my Google hubs, ahh the good old days. Then one day it would no longer show up, after many many attempts to delete and releans the cameras I just gave up and did the smart thing, I bought some nest cans. Now everything works with perfect integration in my home. It’s so nice to be able to say "hey Google, show me the baby and have it pop up on that rooms hub or chromecast. Was holding out to to give WYZE one last chance with their outdoor cam but due to its design it was DOA for me (I ain’t trying to keep batteris charged all the time and if you can’t just have it plugged in, it ain’t for me).

Sure the nest cams are more expensive, but in the end, buy once, cry once. At least Google will make it a priority to make sure their stuff works with their stuff.

WYZE was cool to use to dip my toes into the wifi camera game, but at some point most people will just get tired of stuff almost working or working for a while and then stopping.


Probably because some of us are not Millennials and married to our phones, my phone is not always by my side, expecially when I purchased many little screens for different rooms. If I need to walk into the other room to grab my phone to check on my baby, I might as well just open the baby’s door and directly check on her. It completely negates the whole reason I bought the camera in the first place.

Works with google assistant wasn’t an added benefit when buying the cameras, it was a requirement.


Wyze has been a major disappointment. The plugs, contact and motion sensors are garbage. The cams are ok if you use them with your phone but overall it’s time to take the loss and dump all the wyze products and invest in other more reliable products. The worst of this is wyze doesn’t even acknowledge anything doesn’t respond to customers doesn’t fix anything, they just keep making new products in order to make more money from people. This last week I threw about 6 smart (dumb) plugs 8 motion sensors and a few contact sensors in the garbage. I’m tired of the issues, I don’t care how inexpensive they are, they’re supposed to work. Selling products that don’t work is a sham and a fraud. I’m done with wyze


100% this!!! I bought a product 50% for security and 50% for convenience. 1/2 of the product doesn’t deliver what it guaranteed to deliver, that is not a good return on investment. I shouldn’t have to share my screen from my android tablet to a Chromecast. I shouldn’t have to download TinyCam pro on a fire stick, I shouldn’t have grab my phone. I shouldn’t have to do anything when I was promised a solution out of the box


After several attempts correcting and insisting, I got the Google Assistant to stream 2 WYZE Cam Pans to the MasterTV.

I had to specifically say:
“stream Driveway on MasterTV” - I got to see one frame, 5 minutes later, another frame.
“stream OyariBack on MasterTV” - I got to see one frame after 20 secs, and then no refresh.

Is that what we call Real Time Streaming?


Welcome to WYZE :disappointed:

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I dont even know how I should politely reply to your incredibly contradictory comment so ill just ignore the trolling…I have kids at home and in another state. Family in far off places and I have my phone with me all the time just in case of an emergency. I dont subscribe to all those social media sites that have people walking across busy intersections never lifting their eyes from their phone. That said though a smartphone is probably the single most useful single item you can have on you at any time. The only other single item you could carry that could do as much for you would be cash

No trolling, just hate to see people dealing with the same issues over and over and not being delivered what they were promised on so many WYZE products.
I too was sucked into the trap of low cost security solutions from WYZE, but after all the time spent troubleshooting, replacement devices and firmware updates delivering the same issues it’s not worth it.

I have kids so I know how comforting and time saving it is to see your baby live from another room and being able to see your baby while on business travel.

Good luck!

I’d bet you are, in fact, on “all those social media sites”.

I’m not trolling at all, however your response to somebody talking about a legit problem about an advertised feature not working as promised to “just do the easy thing and use your phone” doesn’t help anybody. The original person you replied to is well aware that they could use their phone, but that is kot the point of their post at all.

Honestly I’m glad that you always keep your phone waiting at your fingertips just in case of emergencys. Unfortunately, that in no way helps any of us that don’t need to and more importantly don’t want to keep our phones in our pockets and would just like our “works with assistance” to actually work with google assistant. Also fun fact, when my phone is sitting on the charger next to my keys at the front door, I can easily hear it ring and walk over to it from any room if I get a call.

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One quick clarification: Works with Google was never in the Works With… menu. So it didn’t disappear, it never appeared.

The reason being that Google did not have the API required to get that integrated the way we have it with Alexa. I have been lobbying since the day we created the Alexa integration to have the mirror API.
They have now delivered that API and I’m trying to get it on the schedule to get it implemented.


Also one update. Google came back and said there is a Codec issue that is causing a lot of the problems described. The Wyze engineering team is looking into it.
Hopefully I have better news soon, even if that one is a big step forward.


Appreciate the effort @Frederik

Thanks for the updates!!!

Thank you! I don’t understand half of what you said LOL But I do understand you are on top of it. This is why I chose WYZE

You need to either have a Google Nest Hub or a Chromecast stick you can stream to. Your “hey google” response seems to be telling you that it doesn’t know where to play it.

We have 3 TVs with Chromecast connected to them. On the Graundig TV streaming starts with a black screen, hour glass and then the static Smart Home message - no cigar there.

On the Samsung 65 streaming appears to work for a few minutes and times out.

On the Vizio TV, it works for only one frame and hangs.

Alexa is adding more support for cams: The latest software provides a new option to see your Ring or Alexa-ready video cameras on your TV through picture-in-picture — kind of like seeing a small window on your screen — while you’re watching movies or TV show.

I got the Chromecast when it first came out, then i got the firestick…and i haven’t even looked at a google home product since. I am not trying to tell you what to do, and like you said that is a lot of devices to replace, however anytime i am at a house with google home i am thankful i went into the alexa ecosystem…it just works better in my experience.

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@Frederik Any updates? I still have zero integration with my Google Nest Hub after unlinking and adding again. When will WebRTC be ready? Can I test it out?