Wyze Finally Works With Google Assistant!

Hi! Its more than a year and its working whenever it wants. Right now? Just text “Smart home Camera” or something like that…

Time moves and wyze integration gets worst and worst.

If it’s Google’s fault then you are responsible for pushing for a quick fix. You have the problem, not Google. Google doesn’t care if it works or not for you Those who should be interested and worry about solving it for yesterday is you. I feel disappointed that I trusted Wyze, I was hoping they would care more about their product.


Is this ever going to get resolved? I can’t see my cameras on my Google Assistant devices, they constantly buffer every second.


same issue. If this does not get resolved I am switching to nest cameras. They work great with google. The cost is higher but they stream to my devices without any issue.


Yes 100% agree more commands for google assistant are needed. Need to be able to turn cameras ON/OFF with Google Assistant.

Need to be able to turn on/off notifications for cameras. So it can be used with Google Home routines and soon to be launced home/away assist in Google Home that is being moved over from Nest.

When I leave my house I want to start getting notifications from Wyze for my cameras for events/movement, etc. But when I am home I do not want to get them, but I still want the camera on. Same thing is true for when I go to bed, I want to get notifications so I will be notified to look at events in the morning from the night before


Hmmm. Like everyone else. Wyze cameras worked briefly on Google Nest Hub a few weeks ago after months of not working. Then after a couple of days, quit. What is the official WYZE position on this? Is it ever going to work? I’ve noticed WYZE has removed “works with Google” from app. (strong textEDIT: I was wrong, this was never in the app!) Is that permanent? Inquiring minds want to know … or at least be given some hope for the future of being able to stream videos on Google Nest hub.


The latest info from WYZE I have linked below, it is in a different thread. WYZE was recently informed by Google of a codec issue and they are looking into that portion. Also ‘works with Google’ was never in that part of the app, so it was never removed. Google works a different way (this is also in the thread I linked). WYZE is also still working on WebRTC. In the thread there are multiple posts by WYZEFrederik he explains everything well so I recommend reading his posts in that thread.

I went ahead and linked to both his posts in that thread.


Thanks. Will read up on the issue. Notice my post 10 to @Frederik in the linked first thread where I posted that it was working … however since that post, displaying on Google hub has stopped. Frustrating for all involved.

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I think that is part of the Problem it has Never said Works with Google. just works with Alexa

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When I first bought My cameras a long time ago they always worked just with a Lag but once they started working with Google it all [failed].

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Having same buffering issue, repeatedly, on Echo Show 8. Wyze email Thanks.

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All mine said this when I bought them. Seems like I have had defective products for over a year now.


Please get the YI or Nest . The WYSE will never work .

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Still got them? I will pay postage… I figure most of these gizmos will become door stops when their servers shut down (X-10). Trying to find products that do not require a company server to use./??

I know that we and Google are still looking into what’s going wrong here. We’re sorry for the continued difficulty and I appreciate folks keeping me up-to-date about this.


Just tried my google hub this morning again asked google to show me the car Park still the same get black screen saying Smart Home Camera all off my Wyze cameras V2 and Wyze Pan and Wyze Outdoor Cam plus I have pre-ordered the Wyze Video door I hope I don’t have the same issue like I did when I pre-ordered the Wyze Outdoor Cam


Yes my cameras aren’t showing at all in Google Home, just my lights and plugs. :thinking:

Is this strictly supposed to be for v2 cams? If so, why? And what can I do with my v1

I believe that V2s, Pans, and WCOs will work (eventually) with Google Nest Hub so we can view a live feed on the screen. Not sure about V1s (because V1 technology and hardware are
getting kind of old) … but think a V1 would look great on the bottom of a fish tank. Give the fish something to swim around and explore. Just a thought (and hopefully you know I’m joking!)

Just checked my Wyze cameras V2 and Pan and the outdoor cam still not working with google hub now I am getting SORRY IT LOOKS LIKE THE STEAM IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FROM CAR PARK all the rest of my cameras say the same Wyze is not listing they have the problem they are not fixing the issue getting the cameras to work with google my cameras use to work with google right now I want be buying any products from Wyze because off this issue plus I will be canceling 2 off my pre-orders from them like the doorbell guarantee want work with google and the Wyze headphones Wyze wants our money and don’t care if will have any problems with they products


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