Wyze drains my battery and heats up my phone, why?

Particular recorded events like “person” & “motion” disappear for about 15 minutes as soon as they are generated in the Event log, then reappear? What does this mean? Should I be paranoid or change manufacturers?

I would contact support for a resolution on disappearing anything. Recorded Event recordings should not disappear. Now, late LOG log entries are not unusual because of the way they present log entries, but even they should not disappear.

As far as draining your battery and heating up your phone, that typically happens when you are monitoring the LIVE stream(s). You can instead depend on notifications of motion from the camera.

The event logs first appear for about a few minutes in the log, then it disappears for about a good 15 minutes, then reappears. Sometimes it does not reappear in chronological order. I’ve even taken screen shots of this. I also have been having issues with patches of playback disappearing as if the camera unplugged for a few minutes. This would happen to only one of the four cameras. The other three were fine on the network. A total of 45 gigs of data was generated via wireless data as per my last statement, which is unprecedented for me. I personally average about 2 gigs per month. These huge data spikes have been happening since June. I’ve been using Wyze for about 2 years now and never had this problem until I started commenting on this forum. Don’t want to jump to any conclusions as I’m sure there is an explanation, despite the coincidence. But, I dont feel comfortable using this product anymore and will be looking into other brands. Thank you for your reply.

Fine about looking into other brands, no problem there. But you could be a rare source of improving this product also. We have heard of some other reports of large data usage for unknown reasons (including myself!), so it would be great if you could report that to support, with a log within a few days if possible. Now, event occurrences can disappear if you lose contact with the Wyze servers, so that’s possible, but I think support should handle that too.

I’m sure your commenting on the forum didn’t have an effect (I’m NOT always positive, lol), but random issues do occur for sure. Best to get with Wyze to fix them. They may not even know the issues are occurring.

45 gigs of wireless data is nuts, that needs to be fixed! Not an unknown problem for some, but why? Submit a log to support to help. Thanks!

BTW, I turned cellular data off for the Wyze app until they figure this out (I turn it on only if I need it on the road).

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