Wyze doorbell pro too far away please help

So….I live in an apartment building. The distance from the doorbell to the chime is too far…

How can I make the chime teach the doorbell? Wi-Fi extender? 2nd chime? Please help…or I have to return it.

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The VDBPro talks to the chime which needs to be close to the doorbell spot, then the chime needs to be connected to a wifi. Is there a secure outlet to plug in the chime near the doorbell? how far are your mounting spots from eachother?


Thanks, I’m aware of what you wrote. Of course, it is as close as I can Getz it. I’m on the second floor of my building. And do the chime is sitting in my window, about 30 feet above the front door of the building. The only way to get it closer is to hang it out the window half way down to the front door. Of course, I won’t hear the chime.l that way. Maybe the neighbors will.

That’s why I’m asking if there is any other way to extend the distance. Like with a Wi-Fi extender okie something between the doorbell and the pro…otherwise, I guess ill have to return it…and try and find a wired solution, and run the wire up the building.

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No extenders work in between the chime and the doorbell pro itself. You could use a beefier wifi network to extend the wifi and get the chime closer to the doorbell, But then you run the risk of not hearing the chime like you stated. If you went with the wired doorbell you would just need the wire to have power to the doorbell location but the doorbell itself would still need to connect to a Wi-Fi source. Sounds like you are use case is a unique one and not an easy one to work in a doorbell system.

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