Wyze Doorbell no image with DNS over TLS

My Wyze Video Doorbell has been functioning pretty well since installed about 6 months ago. This week I implemented DoT on my network for a little extra security and lost my doorbell video. My router still showed a great wifi connection, but no data being sent or received. Rebooting the doorbell and router made no difference. My two Wyze V2 cameras still work.

After quite a bit of testing, I disabled DoT and went back to ordinary DNS lookup (I use Quad9 but tested DoT using Cloudflare also). Immediately after disabling secure DNS my doorbell began working again. Everything else on my network worked using DoT except for my Emporia Vue energy tracker. Has anyone else succeeded in using the doorbell on a network with DoT. Any suggestions?

I dont know but wouldn’t it be simpler if you allowed regular DNS to your router’s own internal DNS server and made sure the router itself used DNS over TLS for all upstream queries?

From what I understand, any device should just be querying my router and not even know what DNS lookup method is used from that point on. It was suggested to me that maybe the slightly increased latency is causing this problem but that seems to be a longshot.

Yes, if your router / DHCP server tells your clients to use the router and only the router for DNS I would have expected it to work. Might have something to do with the hard coded querying…

I have a similar issue. The App shows offline, but my live stream does work. If I disable DoT everything works as expected. I hope they fix the issue; I don’t have this issue with any of their other products, only the video doorbell.