Wyze Doorbell broken Firmware Still?

My doorbell is getting stuck at “getting video data”. Googled it, and found a Reddit discussion about it.

It is happening to me. Especially the “split second rotate to landscape” and “try going out and waving at the camera as you are loading the feed. It should load” bugs. Now, I am just eternally stuck at step 3. Did Wyze even acknowledge this bug? Can we roll back firmware?

Because the VDB V1 does not have a uSD to flash the FW, the only way to fix or rollback is thru an update pushed by Wyze.

Some users on the other topics regarding this have found a temp fix by placing the VDB in permanent Night Vision ON mode… If you can get to the settings. Some can’t even get to those.

As soon as you open live view, immediately hit the settings gear :gear: and see if it will allow you to change the settings. If it works, you will be in black and white, but it was functional for other users.

Keep an eye out on the forum for an update on the most recent Fix it Friday thread where it was reported again as broken. Otherwise, it’s just waiting for the fix in an update.

EDIT: here is another useful discussion on the topic:

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