Wyze door sensor - notification sound while in disarm mode

My olde home monitoring solution had the ability to beep when someone opens the door in disarmed mode. This feature is really helpful when you have small kids at home. The sensor will beep which helps in notifying parents or caretaker about the door being open. Seems the wyze door sensor dont make any such notification when in disarmed mode.

If anyone knows about it, can you please reply on how to enable that feature ?


I had the same question, my wife was hoping for this basic functionality in this security system, the sense device has a speaker, why not use it for Door Open or Door Closed voice alert? When can we have this? Seems like a simple and very useful functionality. Thanks Wyze


It’s somewhat annoying that this is not a feature already. I came here to request the same thing and I am disappointed to see someone already pointed this out a month ago and it hasn’t been added in a firmware update. This cannot be that hard to do. I don’t want notificaitons on a phone. I just want the hub/keypad to make a distinctive sound when a door is opened.


Not really a solution but a temporary workaround…Alexa routines. With alexa you can have an announcement or sound play through your alexa devices when one of the sensors is triggered. Probably something similar with other apps. You can also send an alert to your phone if the sensor is triggered.

I do agree that this is a missing function for HMS and should be fixecd.