Wyze devices disregard DHCP rules

I have configured my DHCP scope to be between 111-200, i.e. a.b.c.111 - a.b.c.200.
I have 3 Wyze devices that are disregarding this scope:
Sense Hub insists on a.b.c.241
WCPv2 insists on a.b.c.243
Video Door Bell v1 insists on a.b.c.244

Because I use dnsmasq, even forcing decides to renew the IP address does not help. I have switched off these devices, changed lease validity, restarted dnsmasq, turned the devices back on and they still insist on the very same IP addresses. I do not want to reset the devices. I find this extremely weird.

This is almost certainly an issue with your DHCP server. Did you by chance at some point in the past set DHCP reservations (may have a different term in your DHCP server device) for these devices?
The Wyze devices have absolutely zero provision to force an IP address in the device - they are strictly DHCP clients.
For what it’s worth, I don’t have any of those specific Wyze devices, but I do have close to 50 Wyze devices, and all correctly request and receive DHCP addresses just fine.

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Will all the respect, it does not make sense that a device would override the DHCP server authority.
Just imagine the mess it would make on networks.

@K6CCC is probably right. There must be a remaining static attribution in your setup.

I do not have DHCP static leases (aka reservations) for these Wyze devices.

How long is your DHCP servers lease time set to? Have you power cycled your access points? Are they listed in /usr/sbin/static-arp ?

I use dnsmasq for DHCP and DNS. It’s running on an OpenWrt router.
PS: I have been SysAdmin/Network Engineer for over 25 years :slight_smile:

Those are my only static leases.
And below is my DHCP pool range specification:

And below are the Wyze devices:

The limit of 200 is starting at 111 so, which is of course, is limited to 255. The 200 isn’t the ending address, but the maximum number of leased addresses. If you want to stop at x.x.x.200, change the limit to 89.


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@odhiambo , did you every get your dhcp problem fixed?

I decided not to bother anymore. Afterall, they insist on IPs that are outside the DHCP scope and I am not assigning any device a static lease in that space.

Did you read my suggestion?

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Wow! All these days I was reading the config wrongly! Thank you for being my 3rd eye.
I will report back now that I have changed that value.

Great! You probably will need to power cycle the devices or wait for 12 hours for them to update.

I stopped dnsmasq, devnulled /tmp/dhcp.leases, restarted dnsmasq and that forces devices to renew. It is SOLVED!
Thank you for helping me see what I had always assumed.

Glad to help. I’ve made the same mistake reading stuff like that. Easy to do.

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