Wyze Deceptively Adding Subscriptions to Camera Orders

Thank you for this survival advice.

The only “warning” you get before being charged after the first month is an email at 3AM about 10 minutes before the charge goes through.
I suspect this is actually an illegal practice - having to ‘opt out’ of signing up to pay for something.

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Happened to me too. Only ‘notification’ that I would be charged was a 3AM email about 10 minutes before the charge… Gee. I didn’t see it in time…

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I too was duped by this fraudulent practice, however I cannot find anywhere online to cancel the subscription. My account dhows no subscriptions and no recent orders even though I have an email with an order number and PayPal keeps getting charged. I canceled the auto payment on PayPal to prevent future ripoffs. Even customer service says I have no subscriptions, yet billing keeps happening.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @dtirecyclers! :raising_hand_man:

How did you first order the cam that came with the trial subscription?

If ordered thru the Wyze Store on their Website, subscriptions will be found in your account at services.wyze.com.

If you ordered elsewhere, including thru the Wyze App, the purchase and the subscription was most likely processed thru the Apple\iPhone App Store. Unfortunately, Wyze has no ability to manage or change subscriptions obtained thru the OS App Stores.

If it is an Apple\iPhone App Store subscription, it must be cancelled thru the App Store. Another user previously posted a contact phone number for them: 512-884-5022

If it is a Wyze direct subscription, it can be handled by Customer Support

Wyze is deceptive and fraudulent.

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Perhaps it isn’t in your best interest to continue to do business with them going forward.

The best of luck to you in resolving your issue.

Thats how they make their money. I just had the same ting happen to me. Deceptive? More like fraudulent to not remind a customer that their ‘free trail’ is out and asking to continue. Also deceptive because it seems like that checkbox has to be checked to make the purchase. Does it let you continue if you dont choose the (not) free trail??

Yes. It is not required to be checked to purchase a Cam. I have Cam Plus Unlimited so I always double check that it is unchecked when I buy new cams.

I have suggested MANY times that every customer with a subscription should be getting an email, push notification, and in app message two weeks, one week, and one day before every Auto Renewal, to include Trial transitions to paid subscriptions. I have also suggested that these Subscription Reminder correspondences should be outside of the restrictions of your set Communication Preferences so that they are not able to be deactivated by customers accidentally.

I suggested long ago when these started in the store checkout that the box should NOT be defaulted to checked. It looks like they have updated it so that it is unchecked by default it will stay unchecked in future orders (confirmed). But, I also suggested that there needs to be a Mandatory Checkout Popup that requires confirmation from the customer to proceed. The Popup would inform the customer that there is a Subscription in their Cart, that the subscription will Auto Renew at the end of the term, and it will provide an external link to the Terms and Conditions of Wyze Subscriptions. I haven’t seen that yet.

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Just a heads up that one of the things we have done for customers is that even if you accidentally buy a Cam Plus license somehow, if you have Cam Plus Unlimited we will auto-cancel that license in the background. There is nothing you need to do. Shoutout to @WyzeSeth for pulling this off.

We pushed for this while seeing so many customers with CPU (what we call Cam Plus Unlimited internally) accidentally signing up for other subscriptions.

Also, as of today we have completely removed the auto-checked box for Cam Plus and Cam Protect on ALL camera product pages. To get the free trial, you will have to intentionally click on the check box.

This was a very hard decision to make haha. We will most likely end up sacrificing an absurd amount of subscription revenue because of this one, seemingly small change… BUT we have seen these comments and heard the feedback, and we want you to know we are listening and taking it to heart, so we removed the auto-check anyway.

All we ask for in return is that if you are a fan of our subscription plans and features, and what they offer, please subscribe and/or encourage others to subscribe. It’s what gives is the ability to keep making cameras and other products you love. Give us feedback if you find things wrong with Cam Plus, Home Monitoring, or Cam Protect. God-knows we need it haha, but please consider consider subscribing.

I will do everything in my power to make it worth your hard-earned money and build something you love and use every day.


Matt Van Swol
Head of Subscription Growth