Wyze Color Bulb Sending Broadcast De-association Packets

I use to really like Wyze and recommended them to everyone and quite a few family members bought Wyze cameras for their homes. But I don’t think I can recommend them anymore. I always knew that some of their products were buggy (like the Pan camera) but a bulb should be pretty straight-forward.

Out of the 4 pack I bought of the color bulbs back in Sep of 2021, three are dead. One I think had the red LED’s go out on it because no matter what you set it to it always had a slight blue tint to it. It was livable though, so I kept using it. Boy was that a mistake. I was having very odd and very frustrating network problems for quite a bit. I even replaced my router to no avail. Finally I ran Wireshark and filtered for management packets and I found the culprit. That blue bulb sent out a broadcast de-association packet. That would explain why a bunch of my devices would drop offline multiple times a day, the bulb was telling everything to get off the network. I pulled the bulb and now my network is running fine.

Long story short, stay away from the Wyze color bulbs. I honestly don’t know if I’ll buy cameras from them again. Three out of four bulbs dying in less than a year is unacceptable. One of those bulbs causing network issues is unforgivable. Smart devices should be smarter than this.

So if you have any bulbs that are starting to act funny, get rid of them before they start messing with your network.

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Many many people are happy with their bulbs, I’m sorry your having issues. I have never heard of those network issues you are mentioning. If it’s a security concern, you may wanna email security@wyze.com

When you say the bulbs are dead, what do you mean?

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Interesting issue you are / were having. I have been using color bulbs and white bulbs from wyze without any issues. I have 11 color bulbs which have been solid since putting them in.

Curious if you contacted Wyze and opened a ticket or provided any logs so they can research and determine what the issue is. As @IEatBeans indicated, if you think it is a security issue you can email Security@wyze.com.

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Re-reading my post I cringe. I sound bitter and whiney.

I don’t think it’s a security issue. Someone pointed out to me there is a case where they maybe would send a broadcast de-association packet. That is when they are being set up and they create their own network. Once completed it would make sense to send one to tell any clients that connected to the temporary network to disconnect. But why it’s sending it on my network when it’s already connected? Seems like a bug and bad programming to me.

Wyze has always been good about customer service so I’m sure if I contacted them about the bad bulbs, they’d offer replacements. But with a 75% failure rate, I don’t want anymore.

As for what I mean by bad, I mean no longer turning on, or no longer being able to connect to my network no matter how many times I try to re-set them up, or being permantly stuck on one color no matter what it’s set to.

The main reason I posted this is so it’s out there in case someone is having the same issue they can find something. Because I suspected for a while it might have been badly behaving device but I couldn’t find anything about Wyze devices, which is what 90% of my smart devices are, causing problems like this. But it turned into a rant. My bad.