Wyze Climate Sensor v2 Ideas

While an expanded temp range might be useful, it wouldn’t be practical.

The batteries would drain incredibly fast in a freezer and they would not be effective. Battery operated Gagets do not like sub-freezing temps. This is why most IoT Freezer Temp Sensors are outside with a wired probe running inside.

There is another current Wishlist request that deals with this as well. To support it, follow the link, Vote at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post with ideas and use case description.

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After making the suggestion to Wyze to improve the climate sensor I found the Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer battery operate sensor works perfect for my freezers. It has been 8 months since I installed the Govee sensors. My freezers maintain a -10 to -15 f temperature and I have not had to change the batteries yet. I just checked and the sensors report about 50% battery remaining.

I think the reason the Govee performs so well is their use of the venerable AAA battery rather than the CR2450, which spec should go down to -4F, but apparently doesn’t.

Just bought the Govee’s, we’ll see how they do….

Just purchased the Govee thermometers which use the venerable AAA battery instead of the CR2450, which spec states should go down to -4F, but apparently doesn’t. We’ll see how they do…

Yes. I read that in your last duplicate post. When you reply by email, each email is posted to the topic.

Add me to the list of those who would like to see a weatherproof WYZE temp sensor with a wider range and possibly with a separate probe for freezers or liquids. The description mentions “monitoring attics” but 104°F is not hot enough for most attics.

I’d also like to see WYZE sensors that react to a “dry contact” (zero voltage) opening or closure …should be easy to modify the door contact sensor to do that…or that provide a low voltage low amperage contact that closes or opens upon signal from WYZE app or devices.

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