Wyze Car sleep options

It would be great if I could put my wyze car to sleep. When I’m gone a day or two, it would be neat to be able to send the car around to check on the house from afar. Right now, I get maybe 12-15 hours of stand-by. Make it so the car is sleeping, or the camera can be turned off, probably extend that to days.

I agree with this completely - and in fact it seems like a very basic feature that should be there. I want my Car Cam to be able to look around my house when I’m away, but as it is it can’t last more than 15 hours off the plug. That’s makes it unusable. Even the Wyze outdoor cam has a battery life of a few months, and the Car Cam has a much bigger battery.

Please add sleep capability as soon as possible.

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thats not possible because the voltage regulation hardware does Not exist in the car.

WYZE make another car thats quieter, has a voltage regulator for sleep option,
Docking station/charging
Better maneuverability
Automatic sentry duty looking for motion.(driving around with lidar)
V3 support
Outdoor ability
AND [in a dream world] a companion drone with practicle ability / they make a tiny square drone for taking selfies, that (could technically work)

Id pay max 300$ if it could do ALL that…