Wyze car issue fixed

After weeks of not being able to connect my v2 cam to the Wyze Car through the Wyze Car app I’m happy to say I had success this morning. Wyze has updated the Wyze Car app. I downloaded the new update today and the installation went smoothly. It didn’t hang at all after naming the camera (which is what was happening after I named the cam in many previous attempts at setup).

I’m pleased with the product again I just wish and hope in the future that Wyze is absolutely transparent with what is going on when their users surface a problem to them so that we can be assured the problem is in fact being addressed. Don’t tell us you’re working on it. Tell us what the problem is and here’s what your team is specifically doing to address it. You’ll find that your customers will appreciate being kept in the loop and won’t be trashing the fact that we’re being kept in the dark. I have a large property with several buildings on it and have over a dozen Wyze cams (including several floodlight cams) and have been very pleased with everything prior to this Wyze Car issue.

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