Wyze car frustration

There should have been a limit per buyer. The 2nd hour they were all going in seconds so I bet someone is going to resell them for triple the price later on.

There’s always a chance they will bring it back in the next few days and extend the opportunity because that has happened with previous product pre-orders that had exceptional demand such as the handheld vacuum and robot vacuum.

Probably Going to see them soon on Amazon and EBay selling for $300 each.

No luck for me as well. All the same crap as everyone else.


Well, shortly after 6PM Pacific Time, Wyze was pleased to change the headline on the car…they are pleased with the “success” and all 5000 are gone.

Yep same here. Tried every hour, got to the payment screen only to give me the maintenance error or out of stock message. Waste of time.

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This, this is the problem…


That’s always the problem with things with a limited amount.

I was able to get one pre ordered. I suspect people did buy mass quantities. Wyze if your reading this next time limit one per customer and also limit it to plus customers only.


What site is that.


It wasn’t fun. It was just frustrating. What’s fun about getting your hopes up, just to have them dashed by repetitive error loops? Did you click the link because you wanted the product, or because you wanted to have fun getting error messages? I wasn’t looking for “fun” with error messages.

Hopefully. I would have rather not seen anything about this. Now I know better than to get excited and try to participate in any Wyze events, because they are just frustrating and disappointing.

Why? Are they giving us a break somehow? I think we want them to feel and understand the weight of our disappointment.

Ecommerce is not rocket science. There are tried and true methods of scaling ecommerce platforms. I glanced at the page source, it looks like Wyze is using Magento2 for their ecommerce platform. Magento2 is a mature platform with proven methods of scaling up to meet demand.


No [Mod Edit]. This car sale was executed very poorly. For one the system was freezing up and if you got to check out after several tries it froze up as well. As someone who has participated in several preorders, I don’t think today served to enhance the company. Wyze created much frustration to it’s loyal customer base. It would have been better to limit the sale to preferred customers instead of making them compete on speed especially when many were put a disadvantage by their own network. I think when they go back and look at the numbers they will see that today was more harmful to Wyze than helpful. I hope they will consider this and not let the same thing happen again.

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techCoops: Give them a break? LMAO! I hope they never do something like this again

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I am pretty disappointed too. I tried 5 or 6 times with no success. I don’t like the every hour stuff either… multiple hours I couldn’t try because I was at work and was busy during that time. The demand is there - they should make more especially with so many dissatisfied customers today.


This was a horrible experience. I had been trying all day as well. I made it as far as waiting for PayPal to complete the processing for my payment & then it stalled, & then I got the RED X OF DEATH, saying there is nothing available to order. Wyze needs to make more of these cars available. They owe everyone an apology, a discount for the inconvenience, and the opportunity to order one again. They should allow everyone that wants to, to preorder a Wyze car, just like we could preorder all of their other new products like the watch (which I am still waiting for).


I tried since 11:00 am eastern. Executing the purchase request on the hour. Every function froze making it impossible to make a purchase. I even called to company to see if it was an April fools joke. They said it wasn’t but in truth it was. Oh well just disappointed they did not plan this better. They really shot themselves in the foot today.


I agree with everyone here. I have tried multiple times today and every single time the site froze up, and then all were sold out. Hopefully Wyze will release more and fix the issues with the site crashes.

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I agree, this was frustrating. It seemed on my end like people were able to get in line before me. There were 4 times I literally watched it count down to 5 seconds, I’d go to get it and they were gone. Other times it would say 184, 75, remaining but the site was so slow through checkout that I’d get the redX. Pretty frustrating.

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I completely agree. Although their marketing plan probably worked out in the fact they sold all 5000 of the cars it really pissed off a lot of us that have been Wyze consumers from the beginning. I’m not sure I want to buy one of these anymore or anything from Wyze anymore.


This rollout was almost as bad as trying to get a PS5 or Xbox series X. A big wasted day due to all the failed attempts.

And look at everyone scalping them already just like PS5 and Xbox series X.