Wyze cams V3 work in Canada?

So I’ve noticed that V3 is not available for sale in Canada. I bought my V2’s on Amazon a while back but concerning the V3’s … if I have my brother (who lives in the states) send me one … would the “American” V3 work over here (Canada) in exactly the same (the app and the functionality of the camera itself etc) or is there any issues based on the destination country?


To use an old term that some here would recognize, V3s are plug-compatible with V2s. Except when some longer, third-party, inferior USB cables were used.

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The V3 will most likely work as expected with the Wyze app, but services like Cam Plus and third-party integration like Amazon or Google might have issues. Support will also be limited because you’re outside of the U.S.

In the UK here - Just received 2 V3s, (from Amazon.com) working fine on the app alongside my V2s