Wyze CamPan v3 stops recording events

I am getting very frustrated that every 3-4 weeks, the CamPan v3 stops recording events. The only fix is to reboot the camera. I get no warning, just when something needs to be reviewed, cannot be reviewed because the events have stopped being recorded. The camera is always accessible in the app. Another Outdoor cam never stops recording events, just the CamPan v3. I am about to cancel the subscription, unless anyone else has ideas. Using chat to work with support is useless. The camera is on firmware

Do you mean “power cycle” the camera or restart from the app?
If the latter, schedule a restart as a rule at some particular schedule.

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Stopped recording cloud events? Or stopped recording SD card events?

Looks like the sd is recording events. Its the cloud accessible events that stop.

Restart in the camera app. Scheduling a restart is possible, but not a fix for why I pay for the service and it decides to stop doing what it is paid to do.

My Cam Pan V3 has left much to be desired. Not only does it stop recording AS there are actions to be recorded, it chooses to look at my ceiling for some random reason in the middle of recording a moving event. I had to disable the camera from moving at all (what’s the purpose of buying a movement tracking camera?) because it was constantly looking backwards at my door, or my ceiling which isn’t helpful for security at all.

I have purchased over 200gb micro USD cards for all of my cameras because all of my cameras stop recording movement events as they are occurring. As in, part of movement may be captured on my camera, but as soon as it decides it’s done recording, the camera stops recording.

I pay $9.99 a month for the Cam Plus, which also seems like a rip off since the app is so buggy I cannot live stream active events. It’s so slow to load live view, things are done occurring by the time the app loads, IF it ever decides to load. My cameras fail to continuously record even with SD cards, so I sprung for the Cam Plus thinking that would help. Nope! I’ve even tried shutting off every single thing connected to my Wi-Fi except for one camera in Wyze App. Even tried setting that one camera to 360p & testing the speed of my Wi-Fi which has download speeds of 199 and upload speeds of 107. Still, the Wyze app is super slow loading live events. I might as well go outside and see what is going on with my eyes, it would be quicker. (Except I don’t want to do this in the middle of the night.)

My Wyze Cam OG’s have also recently developed white streaks in the footage. I’ve cleaned the lenses with a soft microfiber cloth and still, there are visible white streaks that look like they are made from something that is illuminated. (Not huge flying to the camera as I have IR lights turned off and these cameras are mounted inside on clean windows with window mounts.)

I don’t know how to fix your Cam Pan V3, but I can definitely sympathize. I loved all of the Wyze products until about a month into using them. Now they are only good for looking at partial past history feed.