Wyze Cameras Just Had Another Big Security Problem

Another Wyze Security failure. This is what happens when you develop new products and don’t fix the existing problems.

Oops! Wyze Fails Again. Major Security Breaches.

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Yeah. This is actually old news from last week. Wyze was quick to catch the problem, took the system offline, fixed the problem, and has been very transparent about why it happened, who it affected, and what they are doing to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We have been getting regular updates.


While I agree with the need to do maintenance on existing products, I don’t agree with people telling Wyze to stop making new products.

To be fair, product companies (particularly smart home companies) that stop developing and offering new products, usually completely stop existing, and if they are a cloud-dependent company like Wyze, almost everything they ever produced stops working 100%. I’d hate for Wyze to die off due to not creating new products, so I am completely opposed to any suggestions to stop making new products because then when they go out of business due to that TERRIBLE decision, my 300+ Wyze devices would suddenly stop working.

Some examples of companies that followed this advice and found out the hard way:

  • Insteon launched their last product in 2019, then went 3 years with no new products and had to file for bankruptcy in 2022.
  • Zonoff, Pebble, Koala, swann, and lighthouse went a year without new stuff and then shut down (2018, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2018, respectively)
  • Canary went 2 years without a new product and it collapsed in 2020
  • iControl Networks had their last launch in 2014 then went 2 years without a new one and collapsed in 2016
  • Iris by Lowe’s crashed in 2019 after 2 years without a new product
  • Piper went 2 years without a new product and crashed in 2016
  • Wink screwed over a LOT of it’s big fans…launching their last product in 2017 and then dying off in 2021 with everyone losing access to everything. Wink leaves a huge legacy and cautionary tale.

I could probably continue the list with DOZENS more…but my point is…YES, Wyze should continue to do maintenance on stuff, but they should in no way STOP developing new products. If they ever go a long period without a new product, I"ll probably start jumping ship ASAP because history would not be on the side of their survival in any way.


I prefer products that work, not to be a lab rat for their failures. I won’t buy any Wyze products that haven’t been out for three years and been successfully demonstrated to work as advertised. So far, cameras (V2, and V3) are all I trust - everything else is suspect.

Security issues are primary to any product that records and saves private data. When Wyze knows about problems but remains silent, that’s a major consideration and cause a loss of faith in the company, its products, and honesty.

You can be the guinea pig, but I won’t.

Old news, fixed within the hour. Tell me about yous bank / credit card / credit agencies security. They handle one item - money, and take months to even acknowledge a breach which is ( much more impactful ) than the picture of someone’s kitchen. And another few months to fix.

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Three years, that’s like the time between the gold rush and air travel in terms of technology advancements. It’s pretty hard for a $1000 phone tied to a monthly service to be technologically viable after 3 years, let alone a 29.99 camera.

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My bank doesn’t show photos of my home interior.

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Well, that’s kinda daft to have cameras inside your home - on while people are there, unless of course you don’t trust your kids or spouse ( or they don’t trust you )
Seeing the inside ( or my yard ) you might see a something for free that I may be selling, but if you get my financials you might but buy a house, sports car or a boat.
I do this for free - I give common sense answers for free.

These cameras cost less than lunch - what do you want, casino grade security. Then pay for it.

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So, you’re advising people to NOT put Wyze cameras wherever they want. That’s brilliant marketing.

I can see why you do it for free.

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This guy don’t either - but he only sells software and services AFAIK.

OTOH, most of these folks don’t give a fig.

Personally I think you can stick one anywhere - and I mean even where solar rays are mostly blocked.
But what I said was IF YOU put a camera IN your home ( active while people are home ) where people would have an expectation of privacy, you’re a creepy person. There is no middle ground here. ITS NOT OK and it’s beyond creepy to spy on family members and friends / guest they may bring into the home. Say the words with me - ITS CREEPY.

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How about elderly family members wanting and/or needing someone able to check in on them?

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I’m sorry, but “It’s pretty hard for a $1000 phone tied to a monthly service to be technologically viable after 3 years” is just silly to me. I had my last phone for 5 years, and it did everything just fine. I only recently upgraded to get a newer camera. The ONLY reason phones are less usable is because of operating system upgrades that outpace the hardware, when in reality, my phone stopped getting Android system upgrades years ago - but it still worked great! Granted it still got some security upgrades until middle of last year.

And the comment about the $30 cam is just as silly. The v3 cam does today EXACTLY what it did when it was released - nothing more. All the newer cams do EXACTLY the same thing as the v3 - some not as well. So saying it’s silly to expect a cam to be “technologically viable” after three years is literally laughable.

Don’t get me wrong, upgrades to hardware are valuable, but the newer cams don’t really have better video than say the comparison of v3 to v2 (which I have both).

And there’s some evidence (in my imagination) that offspring exposed hard and long to baby cams have better odds of ‘social influencer’ success later in life. :grin:


That’s a consensual arrangement. like sending someone your location, Many just monitor family members as a form of control. My grand daughter went to a friends home ( girl, teens ) and every room had cameras - including the kids private spaces. She called to be picked up and won’t go back. The dad shouts and berates his kids at sport ps events and it’s quite evident it’s a his way or the highway guy. The cameras are a control tool.
The use to see a baby, young kids in a play room are completely different than monitoring a spouse and teens activities. These folks whom think this is OK, probably fit into the Venn diagram of those think privacy is being eroded.
It’s always HOW a tool is used that differentiates.

It’s creepy that you first think that cameras in homes are meant to creepily spy on people.

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Wyze must be pleased that you are shilling for them and are advising people NOT to buy cameras unless those buyers meet your approval for camera placement.

Wyze security problems are a valid concern.

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I got your projection delivered prior to the mods editing it. [Mod Edit]

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