WYZE Camera V1 LAN Connection

Hi Everyone

I need some help. I work onboard a luxury ship and we have had a guest arrive onboard with two children, two WYZE Camera V1s and two iPads for baby monitors. The problem is that they are streaming video into the cloud and then back down again through our very expensive internet at sea system. Is there a way to setup a local LAN service to stream this data within our network? The stream takes about 600Kbps UP/DOWN for each camera but its 1.2Mbps that we can do without on our network.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Absolutely. For live viewing, as long as their iPads and the cameras are on the SAME WiFi network the video streaming itself should occupy NONE of your Internet bandwidth. Only a tiny bit of P2P setup traffic will use the Internet. It’s only when their phones/tablets are perceived as being on a separate network from the cameras that Internet routing comes into play.

HOWEVER, you must tell them to turn off all Wyze motion and sound Event recording. That will take your bandwidth every time it records and uploads a clip.

They can still record motion and sound directly to an SD card in the camera.

(Hope I’m not wrong; I don’t really know the V1s.)