Wyze camera for fish tank

I would love a modified Wyze camera that is as flat as possible with suction cups built in ( like Panasonic HomeHawk) to monitor my fish tanks. Almost everyone I know in the hobby longs for something like this, and no solution is readily available. The saltwater community is unafraid to pay for premium products especially if they are limited edition.

Here are some ideas on this link.

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Are you seeking underwater cams or cams that mount on the outside of the tank?

Wyze does sell a Window Mount for the V3, V3Pro, and OG Cams that should also be able to mount on the outside of the tank.

There are also Topics here in the forum that discuss the fabrication and 3D Printing of custom shade mounts. For example:

You might also want to check out posts by user @victormaletic. Absolute genius in fabricating custom cam mounts.

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