Wyze camera feed to Roku

Does Wyze have any plans to integrate their cameras into Roku or some other streaming device so we can setup a TV monitoring station at home?

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No plans on special integration with individual brands.

Instead, Wyze intends to support the Matter standard in the future, and so other companies that are also Matter compliant will be able to do things with Wyze devices based on whatever the Matter Alliance develops as a possibility.

So it is possible that cameras will be able to work on things like Roku in the future if Roku is Matter compliant, and whenever Matter develops support for cameras (they haven’t done so yet), and depending on which Wyze cameras can support the Matter standard (not all will be capable).


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Well the whole time they told us it wasn’t possible. Lies… I’m disappointed in this copy. They could have offer any user who wanted their camera to port over to ROKU Smart Home App to pay a fee and update your firmware for that system. Instead they chose to rebrand their cameras as ROKU, but do the same thing as CAM Plus. Don’t tell us it’s not possible, its right here…
ROKU - WYZE branded new cameras

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