Wyze camera and app question

So i have. Question…

Is there a way to set up my android ultra 23 and wyze app to open automatically to the camera when a notification goes off?


If someone rings the wyze doorbell the app Automatically opens and shows me instead of me having to open it


Maybe i can make a routine with Samsung routine with it…

Any suggestions would be appreciated
Thanks in advance

Yes, but it will take some work on your part and you can’t do it from within the Wyze App.

The easiest way is to enable the VOIP function in the notification settings so the doorbell calls you and you answer the call.

I do this with both my Wyze Video Doorbell Push Notifications for a Button Press and also the VIOP phone call that is initiated.

I use a 3rd party app called MacroDroid.

When the notification comes in from the button press, simply clicking the Doorbell Press notification will open the Wyze App to the Doorbell Live Stream two way talk UI. A macro you create in MacroDroid to do that for you makes it happen automatically. However, you will run into issues if the phone is sleeping and even more issues if you have a passcode or biometric lock. Both can be overcome, but it takes some significant setup for it to run smoothly.

The Trigger will be the incoming notification from WyzeMessage matching the text of the button press notification. The Action will be a Notification UI to click the content. When my VOIP phone call comes in from my doorbell, I also have MacroDroid auto answer the call.