Wyze Cam with Alexa

Hello All,
Just bought a Wyze 2 cam and the website says you can view your cam’s video through an Amazon Show. How in the world do I go about integrating the two? I’ve asked Alexa a million different questions and she always responds with, “Hmm. I don’t know that one.” Where do I start? Is the setup feature in the Alexa controls?
Thanks for any help!

Welcome to the forum.

You have to install the Wyze skill in Alexa.
In Alexa, go to More > Skills & Games and search for Wyze.

you first need to add the Alexa Wyze Skill. After adding that, it will detect what Wyze devices you have and add it to Alexa. Once this is done, you can simply say: Alexa, show me my Garage Cam or whatever you called the camera… It will be named in the device list.