Wyze Cam V3

Does the Wyze Cam come with a USB cord? How long is it?

The cord is 6ft

It also comes with an indoor power brick/charger

Wondering if my V3s will ship out this month? Still a little time
Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 1.01.44 PM

Just received mine today, so far no complaints.

Got mine today also I’ll say the video is much clearer then the v2 can’t wait to see it at night the 2 way audio is so much better the voice coming out of the camera is clear and loud this is huge for me


I got a notice that mine was shipped. I should get them the week after Thanksgiving.

Got mine! Just need a darned memory card, anyone know if 64gb cards will work? Also the best solution for mounting the mag disc to brick?

What day did you all order? My order date was 10/27 @ 2:11 PM PST

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Same day, not sure of the time.

I hope so. I ordered from Amazon (and have received) six 64GB SanDisk High Endurance cards for my V3 cameras. Same card that I am using in all my V2 and Pan cameras - and they work fine in those.

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Yes I have had a 64 GB card in a V3 for a couple of weeks


Mine showed up this morning, the new sensor is amazing in low light. Well done Wyze

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My V3s are being shipped out

Waiting for a Cam Pan V3.

The Cam Pan v2 would have to come out first

:+1: To clarify I meant the Cam Pan with the image quality of the v3.

I ordered November 17, and I’m not seeing anything about when it will ship at all when I look up my order. Actually there was an email 2 days ago that said they were updating estimated ship from late November to December.

I would love for that to happen