WyzeCam v3 ships when, still 32 GB microSD card limit?

Does anyone know when the preordered WyzeCam v3 will ship (it said November when I ordered two), but now there seems to be talk of December?

Also, will the v3 still have the 32 GB microSD card limit?

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Apparently the Pre-orders will ship in November, but later orders will ship in December.

The official limit is still 32GB, With that said, I have run 64GB cards in all of my V2 and Pan cams. I recently tried a 128GB card as a test and it worked fine. I have ordered 64GB cards for my Pre-ordered V3s.


Ah good news on both items then, thanks!

Keep an eye on the page on this post for updated info on when you pre-order orders will start shipping.

When will your pre-order order start shippping?

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Thank you for the info and the link.

Disappointing to see that the FAQ shows December rather than November as was stated when I ordered. Let’s hope that still happens.

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