Wyze Cam v3 shipping package dimensions


I’m planning on getting Wyze Cam v3 for outdoors installation at my home (in India). I’m planning on buying it either via the Wyze website or Amazon (both of which sell v3), and ship it. Can I know what are the dimensions of the box when Wyze ships it home? Given that I’ll be buying 3 cams, I have to multiply these dimensions by 3. If anyone has any pictures of the box that comes with it, that would be great! I’ll look up online as well.

Box for 1 V3 in U.S. inches. 5.5 inches long, 3.25 inches wide and 3.0 inches tall. This is the box it was shipped in

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Another picture of the product box, shipping box sizes vary depending on quantity in box

Product Box 104mm L x 65 mm W x 60mm D

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Thank you so much for the pictures and the quick response. This really helps!!! Appreciate it!