Wyze Cam v3 Pro firmware - Released 11/8/2023

Updated 1 V3Pro from .7214 to .7357

Quick. No issues. Immediate restart to online.

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Running Spectrum/Orbi Mesh RBR750 @ 360mbs, when I updated my 4 V3s (individually) to, all cameras updated correctly & have been running fine. Just updated to (again, individually), all updated successfully.


Well, I was way too eager to celebrate this issue as fixed.

It is not only not fixed, it’s even worse!

Before, (incorrectly) it would show red when no recording or remote viewing was happening. In this state, at least one would be wondering who was watching, and maybe react accordingly.

But now, the red light will do one of three things:

  1. On some of my V3’s, it will just stay blue when someone IS VIEWING.
  2. Some V3Pro’s, it will turn red for a second or so, then revert to blue, when someone IS VIEWING
  3. Some V3Pro’s will turn red and stay red when someone is viewing. (the correct way)

This is happening on multiple cameras, multiple accounts, multiple networks.

This is worse, because now people can be viewing others “in secret”.

Wyze says that the red light will be on when recording events to the cloud, and, when being remotely viewed.

This is a serious privacy issue, even if the cameras are your own, your own account, or if they are being viewed by someone that you have shared with. The lights not working as they should is nowhere near acceptable from a privacy and security standpoint.

I hope this is fixed for both the V3 and V3Pro very soon.

If you’re still running v3 Pro beta firmware, you’re two versions behind.

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I moved your post from the beta topic to the topic.

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