Wyze Cam V3 mis-order?

Was the cam v3 supposed to be free back when it came out during the promo?
I am trying to claim my " here’s your code for your Free Wyze Cam v3" placed back in December last year during the Cam 3 promo. Checking out I am getting…
Subtotal $28
Discount (Annual Cam Plus + free v3 Promo) -$19.99
Shipping (Ground - Delivery) $0
Order total - $8.99.

Wasn’t this promo supposed to do a free cam v3?

Most likely, the offer expired and is no longer honored. You probably missed the boat not cashing in the offer back when it was first offered.

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I found this mentioned in another thread in reference to the fine print details of the promo.:

“Wyze Cam v3 coupon codes expire 03/31/2021.” Is towards the end.


Story of my life. Thank you guys.

Coupon applied and now I am having trouble paying with Amazon pay. It went through on AMZN, came back to WZ to confirm shipping address and now the bar is just looping, last 30 minutes. Payment hasn’t gone through on my discover card, nor do I have any confirmed orders, when I check my account on another tab. What should I do here?

Could you please post what the Promo Code is?

The re-did the payment and it went through. I already paid for the license deal to get my free cam but the payment went through for 9bucks. My (was it 12 day’s???) free monitoring subscription has ended. Wasn’t this supposed to be one year free sub?
How do I get my one year license?

Here is the email i got on Fri, Dec 11, 2020, 6:25 PM

Hey (My nomnom) here’s your code for your Free Wyze Cam v3

Thanks for purchasing a year of Cam Plus. As promised, here is your code for 1 FREE Wyze Cam v3(s) (shipping and tax not included).


How to claim your Wyze Cam v3

Add a Wyze Cam v3 to your cart

Head over to wyze.com, find the Wyze Cam v3 page, and click on the Order/Preorder button on the top right of the page. Use the button below to get there.
:information_source: You purchased 1 license(s). You should add in that amount of Wyze Cam v3s to your cart. Your coupon code will be good for a discount on 1 v3(s) (max of 7).

Complete checkout

Finish checkout to be added to the queue for getting your Wyze Cam v3. We added a 3 month credit to your Cam Plus account for each of your purchased licenses to ensure you get your full year of it applied to your Wyze Cam v3.

How do I get my one year license?

Didn’t you have to purchase a year of Cam Plus in order to get the coupon? You don’t get a free year, you get the one year which you paid for.

I’m copying from the email you received:

“Thanks for purchasing a year of Cam Plus.”

I haven’t bought any equipment yet, but I’ve read a lot about it. I’m pretty sure that you can’t buy a Cam Plus subscription if you don’t buy a camera first, so I assume you already owned a camera before you bought the V3.

The V3 camera you bought did not come with a free 1 year Cam Plus subscription. The promotion never said that it would. The promotion said that you would get a V3 camera if you paid full price for a 1 year Cam Plus subscription.

They did extend your 1-year subscription for an extra 3 months because the camera was a pre-order and you didn’t get it for a while after you ordered it. The subscription starts the day that you pay for the subscription (not the day you receive the camera.) That’s why they gave you the extra 3 months for free.

I have to assume that the one year subscription that you bought was for a camera that you already owned, however this seems strange since they talk about your V3 camera’s subscription.

You are able to transfer a Cam Plus subscription from one camera to another. Perhaps you bought the one year subscription and never activated it? I know that the free one month Cam Plus subscription that comes with every new camera purchase starts the day you place the order (that’s why you got about 14 days instead of a month.) Maybe you have to activate a one-year subscription and apply it to the camera of your choice, I’m not sure.

So, perhaps you have to activate your 1 year subscription.

I literally just placed my order for the starter system now (with 1 year of monitoring) and it said that I should be sure that I’m logged into the account which I want to apply my monitoring subscription to. It said that if I’m logged into a different account, then my monitoring subscription will apply to that account.

I doubt that you have two different accounts, but theoretically the problem could be that you were logged into a different account when you ordered the one year Cam Plus subscription.

Lastly, please post the full coupon code. If it can only be used once, then you’ve already used it so it can’t hurt you to tell me what the entire code is. I’m hoping that I can use it even though I’m guessing I probably can’t :disappointed_relieved:.