Wyze cam v3 live view subscription


I am planning to get Wyze Cam v3 and I only need it to view live views. I don’t need to save videos based on motion detection. All I need is to be able to see live view. In that case, with new changes, do I still need to get Cam Plus or any other subscription ?

Can you please let me know ? Thanks.

You don’t need any subscriptions to just use Live View and if you desire you can put a 32/64/128GB SD card in the camera and record events only or record continuous. You can play back the events on the SD card from the app. If you buy a new V3 you will probably get a free 2 week trial of Cam Plus, just don’t accept it or use it then let it expire.


Thank you for the reply. By the way, is there some time limit on live view ?

Not that I know of. I’m sure someone who does it will provide better information since I have never done long time live view. What device are you going to view it on? Might be a large amount of data use involved?


There is no time limit. You can live view/stream as long as your cam, viewing device and WiFi are powered. I have a minimum of 9-13 cams streaming 24/7 and only interrupted when a firmware update is available.


@Seapup I’m curious how you keep the live view up for extended duration? Confirm you’re talking about the online Live stream - Wyze. That times out in about an hour (when I can get it to work at all).

If you’re talking about watching on a phone app, there is no time limit…

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Sorry for the confusion… All means to view a cam live are called “live streaming”. This topic is referencing live streaming in the context of Wyze app via phone/tablet which goes on over here 24/7 covering a hideous amount of feeds from 3 networks (this is 1/3 of the continuous displays):

Wyze has named live streaming via their web interface “Web View”:

I’m not sure what the live streaming limit is set to for Web View. I very rarely use it.

Does anyone know how many live streams I can have simultansly on wyze web view?
Thank you