Wyze Cam V3 disconnects frequently when Night Vision Mode is set to AUTO/ON

My Wyze Cam V3 is always disconnecting whenever I set the NIGHT VISION MODE to AUTO or ON.

It continues to be connected only when NIGHT VISION is OFF.

Has anyone experienced the same?

Using the USB power supply and cable that came with it?

Or using an extended USB cable?

Using the accessories that came with it.

If you have another Wyze cam try it’s cable and power supply, maybe a issue with powers supply or cable not supplying the extra power when IR is on…

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Thanks. I will try it.

The timeline shows the camera stopped recording several times when in NIGHT VISION MODE.

The timeline shows the camera never stopped recording when the NIGHT VISION is OFF.

Finally figured it out. There was water intrusion after I mounted it upside down. Memory card was scorched. I was able to clean the contacts of the memory card and it is working again.

Do not mount the V3 upside down!