Wyze Cam v3 camera required RESTART every 5-7 days

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There are many users here in the Forum that advocate for regular power cycles on cams that have a tendency to go offline. Users have speculated that it could be a loss in network connectivity due to poor WiFi signal, router behavior, network intereference, or Cam memory leak. The cause has yet to be pinpointed.

I have all of my cams scheduled to power cycle every night. I plug all my cams into Smart Plugs. The Smart Plugs can employ onboard schedules or can be actioned to turn off for a brief period and then back on by Rules or Routines.

Many here use Smart Plugs for their cams so that the cams can be power cycled and reset remotely without the need to handle the cam or power adapter.

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Can you describe the problems you are having that require restarts?

Also, have you tried a Factory Reset on the v3 that needs restarts?


Thanks for your feedback.

There was no error shown. Basically, I can’t view anything and it just says the cam needs to be restarted.
I have not yet tried the factory reset. Will try later.

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Please understand that a Factory Reset will require you to reinstall the cam. You don’t have to delete it from the app. If you just run a new install setup it will save all the settings from your account and your event video history will remain.


This is my first foray into the forum as my two Cam Pan V3s are regularly losing network connectivity. I am gratified to see that my solution to use smart plugs with these two cameras is not new here. Thanks for giving me the idea to set my smart plugs up to power cycle every night. I will report if there are any further interruptions in connectivity. I also have a few Cam V3s and four OGs but I have yet to encounter any connectivity losses with these. Hopefully these concerns will be addressed in future firmware updates or at least explained to our satisfation.

There’s something really wrong if you have to power cycle. Its not a good way to go about it. Its more like having to keep hooking a car battery up to a charger constantly.

I understand that its all you can do.

But, I’d recommend trying to view the cam from some other device and application. Specifically one that will keep trying to connect hourly or so.

If it doesn’t go on that way then there’s some major connectivity or hardware issue.

But, say its from wifi signal quality then power cycling really shouldn’t be used to fix that. Just buy something to increase the signal to it, reposition it, etc. To fix it properly.

This has been an ongoing problem. Every week it’s something…People need to realize that these are not “real” security cameras. I would classify these devices as “for entertainment purposes only” cameras. “You get what you pay for !”

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Cams going offline has always been a topic of discussion here in the forum. I have always power cycled my cams on a schedule. That started three routers ago when I was using a rinky dink walkie talkie router. I have since upgraded to a three node Mesh Pro router and have absolutely no offline issues. I still power cycle all my security cams (16) on a rolling schedule, but the remaining 10 cams don’t get power cycled and don’t go offline.

The PanV3 has been notorious since its release for reports of going offline. I know that previous FW updates have had changes to address connectivity. I have 4 PanV3, all that power cycle every night, and have not had any offline issues. Just make sure they are off for at least 30s so the RAM clears.

I don’t think it’s due to wifi signal quality as the furthest one is connected to a wifi extender’s separate network and other devices using said extender (such as the smart plug) do not lose connectivity at all. The other one is connected to the main router’s wifi signal and I have an OG cam that is plugged into the same smart plug and the OG has not lost connectivity yet. It well may be that the Cam Pan V3s have recurring connectivity issues. All Wyze cams I own get their FW updated as soon as new ones come out. As a comparison, my Reolink wifi cams have never lost connectivity and are only inferior in the night vision aspect, in my experience.

Thanks for that info regarding offline issues. I just set my smart plugs to turn off at 2359 and come back on a minute later for the two Pan V3s and will keep this forum apprised of any further offline issues.

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A quick update and hopefully I don’t jinx anything. Ever since the latest FW update ( - Apr 24, 2030), my two Pan V3s have not (yet) lost wifi connectivity and just to test its reliability, I also deleted the scheduled shutdowns by the smart plugs so they’re basically on 24/7. I realize it’s only been a couple of days or so, but so far it’s looking good and I’m hoping Wyze has finally fixed the wifi connection stability issues, at least with this camera.

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Have similar issues with v3 have two other cameras further away yet the closest says loss connection. I have to restart it to only get 45 mins of recording. I have submitted a log and providing. Mac to see if Wyze can do anything to resolve this annoyance


What v3 firmware are you on? Connection stability is being tested in the latest v3 Beta firmware.
Wyze Cam v3 Beta
What’s New:

  • Improved IoT connection stability

" If you just run a new install setup it will save all the settings from your account and your event video history will remain."> Blockquote

How exactly can you do this?

Do NOT delete the cam from your app. No need to power cycle it or reset it either.

With the cam on, tap the setup button. The cam will say “Ready to Connect”. Tap the plus in the upper left of the App, Add Device, select the type of cam, and follow the setup instructions.

If you are providing your cam with different network credentials than it had before, your phone must first be logged into that network using its SSID and Password so it can provide it to the cam.

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Thanks for the details. And yes this worked fine!

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Wyze has requested Cam Logs for the Cam Pan V3 Offline issue being reported.

If you are still experiencing this issue with the cam regularly going offline, follow the link below and reply to the post with your Cam logs.

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If you can walk me through what you need to find the problem, troubleshoot and improve things, I would love the help.

I have 22 Wyze cameras. All v3. I have a 1gb aris router that is a year old, 1gb internet speed and one of the newest netgear orbi mesh router systems available ( 1 year old). Not a junk system, and netgear says this should cover 6000 square feet.

I spent a fortune upgrading my network because I was having issues with connectivity of several cameras and plugs. I’ve got a pretty large house with multiple floors, but I have one extender on each floor and one in the garage- there are 4 router/extenders in total. It is considerably less than 6000sq feet. At least one of the extenders has a wired back haul ( basement), and I’m working on setting up the other two as wired as well to improve speed of communication with the main router. However , when I switched the basement extender to wired from wireless, I did not observe any improvement.

And yet, 2 cameras in my basement, my floodlight driveway cam and my garage door controller are always losing connection. And by always, I mean I have to reset them every few days. The floodlight cam is on a switch, so that one’s easy. The basement cams are annoying but pretty easy to unplug and restart. The garage door controller is the one that is making me insane because I really like the convenience of it- but almost every time I go to use it, it has lost its connection- rendering it totally useless to me. What’s more, it’s plugged into an outlet on my garage ceiling and I have to move my car and get a ladder to reset it. Not at all convenient. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this camera and controller 3 times in addition to run of the mill camera restarts.

I don’t think it’s a problem of poor internet strength. All of the cameras with problems are within 10-15 feet of an extender- most without any walls in between. During setup it says my internet strength is great.

I have noticed that if I lose connection to an extender (for example, if one gets accidentally unplugged), I see more instability, and I am suspicious that I may be seeing some short losses of internet service that cause temporary drops – and this is likely caused by my ISP and totally out of my control. The thing is, when this appears to happen ( I might notice my laptop suddenly loses connection for 60 seconds then comes right back online automatically) everything else comes right back. I don’t normally immediately check the cameras. It’s only later that I begin to wonder if that is the culprit or if it has nothing to do with it.

But the thing is it’s really only these specific cameras that consistently fail. Every other plug and camera works fine 98% of the time. I can live with resetting a plug every 9 months. I am annoyed that I’m being asked to do it every few days.

I have not tried the smartplug/scheduled reset method suggested by others, but that is my next step. I guess I figured if it is an internet problem then how is a Wi-Fi connected plug going to work any better? They should lose connection too, and I’d have to reset two things instead of 1, while further burdening my already pretty busy network with even more devices.

I keep the firmware updated regularly, although when a camera is out, it also can’t be updated. I just reset and updated the garage door opener again today. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Love these cameras. They are just what I need . Good quality, no batteries to change, wirelessly connected, easy to set up, weatherproof for outdoors, convenient app for access and inexpensive to purchase and install. I just wish I could figure out the problem because if I didn’t keep having them drop on me they’d be perfect. Five stars perfect.

I really hope you can fix them.

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The Forum is primarily a User to User exchange. I am a Wyze customer like you. The Community Volunteers (Admins, Moderators, Mavens) are all Wyze customers who volunteer their time and experience in the Forum to keep it organized and help other users. If a Wyze employee is active posting here, they will be identified by a Wyze logo on their Avatar and will be labeled “Wyze Team”.

My post above was linking to the Fix-it Friday topic. This is a once a month topic that Wyze posts for users to submit issues that need to be addressed. This is one of the few topics or categories that is actively monitored by Wyze.

One issue that was brought up in the Fix-it Friday thread was the increased occurrence of the PanV3 going offline. Wyze posted that they were gathering log data to investigate why it is happening despite apparent strong network infrastructure.

To participate, when you see that your PanV3 has gone offline, go to the Account tab, Wyze Support, Submit a Log, choose the PanV3, Connectivity Issues. Type a description of the problem and click Submit. Copy the Log Number you are given.

Then try to restart the cam thru the app or power cycle it. Once up and running, open the cam, go to settings, Wyze Support, Submit a Log, Connectivity Issues and repeat the process. Again, copy the Log Number.

Once you have the log Numbers, follow the link above and reply to WyzeJasonJ’s post. Post a short description of the PanV3 issue and post your Log Numbers.

The Log Numbers are extremely important. Without the number, Wyze has no way to pull them for inspection.

If you are having issues that require power cycling of cams that are in areas difficult to access, I would recommend plugging them into a Smart Plug so that you can cycle the power remotely.

An interesting new post over in the Fix-it Friday thread. Worth investigating and reporting back to see if the router settings may be contributing.