WYZE CAM V2 Setup without an Account

How can you setup a WYZE CAM V2 without setting up an account and registering the camera? Can this device be plugged into a USB port in a PC and setup this way? I have not seen any configuration options that allow this. It seems that it would be a simple and easy way to set this up.

You can replace the camera firmware and use it as a web cam connected directly to your computer but I don’t think that’s what you’re getting at.
Other than that you can’t set up the camera without an account. The account is required to save the 12 second video clips among other things.

You are correct. I want to have a camera with a video feed without all of the overhead. From what I’ve been reading on these forums, I need to create an account and use an android phone to setup the camera. Furthermore, the camera needs gets registered in Wyze, needs to contact Wyze to record video over wifi, and my wifi information including the wifi password is uploaded to Wyze. Not an ideal situation for a video camera and for my privacy. I’ll be returning the cameras.

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There are a number of low cost RTSP cameras out there

Your Wifi password is not uploaded to Wyze.

There is the option of installing RTSP firmware on the Wyze cams but I think they still require a web connection.

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I am not sure based upon this thread that included content from Wyze privacy policy. If this comment is true, then they can and potentially do upload your information.


Wyze Labs collects the following information when you set up and use the Wyze Product(s) and the App (“ Information Collected by Wyze Labs ”):

  • App Account and App Login,
  • Setup Information and Settings, both sent by your App, "
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The information uploaded to Wyze are things like your Wifi SSID and IP address. Things needed to identify your devices.

I’m not trying to convince you to keep your Wyze products. Just letting you know that your assumptions about what is uploaded is incorrect.

Just FYI, it converted one of mine using the Webcam Firmware and it made an excellent one. I used Zoom and I-Cam Pro without any need for Wyze app or servers. Resolution was great, powered off PC. Can’t beat it for the price.