Can I use the Wyze Cam v2 without exposing my wifi to wyze's servers per the privacy agreement?

Just got my Wyzes tonight and was about to install but decided to read the privacy agreement. Per the agreement all setup info including my wifi password will be exported to Wyze.

I can’t come up with a single reason for exporting my wifi password outside my house.

Am I misreading the agreement? Or can I actually hide my wifi password from Wyze?

The cameras look great and I’d really rather not have to return them.

I’m not seeing anything about passwords in the agreement ATM, can you provide a link? I can see where they would need to give the camera the WiFi password during setup, or the camera would not function. So wouldn’t be surprised. However, I would expect that to be encrypted on the Wyze side, though.

You’re looking at the wrong privacy statement. Look at this one Privacy policy – Wyze .

“When we use the term Setup Information ” in this Privacy Policy, we mean your App Account, App Login, information to access your WiFi network, and other setup information that you enter into the App.”



Wyze Labs collects the following information when you set up and use the Wyze Product(s) and the App (“ Information Collected by Wyze Labs ”):

  • App Account and App Login,
  • Setup Information and Settings, both sent by your App,"

It doesn’t matter that Wyze might store my wifi password encrypted – the point is that there’s no reason for my wifi password ever to leave my home network. That is a potential security hazard.

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I can’t directly answer your question other than to say it is a very common practice. Amazon, Google, and others seem to store your WiFi credentials for various purposes. I will defer to someone from Wyze answering as to why.

See Android's Wifi backup feature is neither new, unique nor dangerous | Android Central .

Google allows turning off the feature. Wyze doesn’t.

Sort of true. Google has been dinged time and again for not always following users opt outs. I don’t have a good answer for you. I am sure someone from Wyze will jump in when they can.

I checked my phone and Google has my wifi password backed up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Apparently I wasn’t as careful as I thought when I set up my latest phone.

So this is not a critical issue in practice. Just means it’s important to change your wifi password often. Thanks, RBruce.

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Sorry, but there’s a big difference between trusting the company that builds the OS where all other applications run (and which, incidentally, has a lot of detailed PII about me), and trusting the company that builds one of the devices that are attached to a network.

This really have to be optional… If I want to setup another device (or the same one once again), I’m more than happy to go through the whole initial setup process, but I’m not comfortable storing any of my passwords on random servers.

I understand your sentiment believe me I do. It’s why I no longer let anything made by Google on or in my network. I also keep everything home automation related on a separate router with no access to my main network or WiFi. Plus I am a great believer in physically unplugging cameras etc when I want to be sure of privacy.

Pretty much every internet connected device is going to need your wifi credentials to function, and there has to be some way to get it from your phone to the device. That’s the way the world works.

Agreed, sort of, it’s the “internet connected” part where it gets fuzzy. My DLink cameras had SD cards and allowed local only operation. Having cloud recording is handy I suppose but I don’t understand why so many devices now require an internet connection to function.

It would be nice if the camera could still function with no internet connection at all just a local WiFi connection. It is understood you might loose capabilities afforded by that connection.

And this is by no means limited to Wyze, everyone seems to be headed this way.

That’s not correct. The camera’s wifi chip needs the wifi password to connect to your local wifi router, that’s all. THERE IS NO REASON TO PASS THE WIFI PASSWORD OUTSIDE YOUR LOCAL NETWORK.

Google’s argument for knowing your wifi password is to be able to backup your phone should you either lose it or get a new one. I consider that a bullshit reason.

I am pretty sure Wyze doesn’t store your WiFi password in the cloud. The app will have to know your WiFi password during setup since it needs to pass the info to the camera. Our cloud would rather not know your WiFi password to avoid all potential trouble. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response!

Can you check the code and verify “pretty sure” is actually “certain” ?

If so, I will be happy to hear that and so will others. You should then update your privacy statement.

Confirmed with devs. We don’t send WiFi password to the cloud. Thanks!


Cool, thanks for checking. When will the privacy statement be corrected to state this, explicitly?

Because, you know, it currently says that you do send it to the cloud and when I accept the agreement, I am letting you send it, perhaps at some future date.

Actually it is rather vague and could be interpreted many ways. But I understand what you are saying.