Wyze Cam v2 on TV Show 9-1-1

Did anyone catch the Wyze Cam v2 in the opening of the 9-1-1 TV show from February 3rd (S4 E3)? It was shown on the wall and was supposed to be part of a smart system called "HILDY."

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Or is it a Xiaomi Xiaofang? (Since they look basically identical as they’re made by the same supplier).

Either way, if it was part of some other security system (speaking in-universe instead of IRL), then they would’ve likely had to put either the Dafang firmware on it, or else the Wyze RTSP firmware.

Regardless, good catch. Indicates they were probably trying to keep the budget low :slight_smile:

To save even more on the budget, they didn’t even plug it in. :rofl:


@paul.diben, do you know about how far into the episode it was shown? I looked through it quickly, but didn’t see it.

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LOL I didn’t even notice that! That’s awesome. So apparently the HILDY system is one of those things like where stores hang fake cameras just to scare people into compliance to not steal.



It’s within the first 4 to 5 seconds of Season 4 Episode 3.

On Hulu, you can see at timecode -43:55 to -43:54 out of a total of -43.59

So that is basically second 4 and 5 (after the commercials). It even flashes red on that dot right above the lens. :slight_smile:

I tried to take a screenshot on my laptop to show the red glow, but Microsoft blanked it out. Ah well.


Hello, @paul.diben

Yes, my wife and I noticed it right away for the brief second it was on the screen WyzeCamV2.

She said, “It’s a Wyze Cam!”.

I replied, “It could be or it’s one of the knock-off models”.

Either way, it was neat to see it on their episode.

Thanks for the laugh @carverofchoice. Perhaps they have the production resources to use high-tech cloaking power cords or more realistically, they digitally altered it to remove the cords for a sleek look :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Below is a screen shot with the red light that you wanted to capture (no MSoft to blank-it-out on my Linux Operating System) :computer:.


That episode is a good reminder never to share your credentials with anyone (well, except your spouse of course). Below are a few screen shots showing their fictional HILDY system.





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This is a VERY well organized and thorough post on this subject! Well done!

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