Wyze cam v2 does not communicate with my modem - but does with my router?

This is a strange situation for sure. I have recently received a new modem from my cable company. They have their own password on it to use instead of a router. Before this, I have been using an old router for my Wyze camera V2 and my smart outlets with no issues at all. I decided remove the router because the cable company told me that their Modem give me faster speeds. So I did.
With the Wyze cam, I added a new camera and went through the usual installation. When it came time to go through the 1/3 connection phase of installation, it timed out, again and again. I unplugged the wyze cam, added a new cam etc, nothing worked. After running out of ideas, I added a new camera and re-connected my router. It worked, first time.
So what does anyone think the issue might be?
NOTE : the same thing has happened with my Kasa smart plug.

To be clear there are three components, a modem, a router, and a WiFi access point. These are often but NOT always on the same device.

When you say modem I will assume that means a combo device. Does this happen to be Optimum?

It is an Arris from what it looks like. As far as I know, it is a combo unit. When they installed it, they said I could get rid of the router and just use the modem.

The device you have is a Cable Modem and has a router in it. I purchased my own, a Motorola Cable modem that has an AC1900 router built in. You will need to know if it has a different name (SSID) for the 2.4 network and the 5.0 network or if it just has one SSID. The WYZE gear will only connect to the 2.4 network. If you post the Model name/number someone can help you resolve you issue. You can use you phone or computer to see if in fact you do have 2 networks or just look at the bottom of the modem and see if it does. This is mine, the 9165G is the 5.0 network and the 16 is the 2.4 Ghz network.

Build in wifi wity modem usually not very good. I would get a good router and do a bridge with your isp midem/wifi combo.

You can just rename your isp ssid same as your current router.
must set pw as old router.

good luck.

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