Wyze Cam v1 Showing offline but working

So my Wyze Cam v2 is showing OFFLINE in the app and has the cloud icon with line thru. But when I click it, it works fine. What gives? I have power cycled multiple times.

I’ve got a few V3 cameras that are doing the same thing. Also tried restarting my phone, nothing seems to help.

Please upload a log of any affected camera, then post the log number here (instructions in the thread):

I’m having the same issue with 1qty of my V3 cameras.
I submitted the log and here’s the log #: 426205

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I have the same issue. I have power-cycled many times as well as manually downloading the latest update. Still shows “off line” but appears to work normally. I’m new here, how does one escalate this issue? thnx.

I had same problem two nites ago. + sd card problem etc
sent log to Wyze. offline Problem gone in morning.

Suspect Wyze playing behind scene.

We have been told here in the forum that the offline problem should be fixed in an app update soon.