Wyze cam v.3's rules issue

For some reason my v.3"s will not implement rules that I have created. Firmware is latest As matter of fact, they seem to want to stay on continuously. I have created rules to start and end an on cycle and when that did not work, I deleted the rule and created a new one to start and end an off cycle. That did not work either. So I created separate on and off start and end cycles and had both active, that also did not work. I do not have this issue with my v.2’s, Pan cams and outdoor cams. They all cycle rules properly. As I stated earlier, my v.3’s continue to cycle on even if I manually cycle them off thru the app. I have turned them off and waited and watched and within a matter of a couple of minutes, saw the cameras cylce on by themselves.

I have not elevated this to support, but want to determine if any v.3 users in the Ask The Community Forum have experienced v.3’s issues comparable to what I am reporting with rules not working or cams keeping themselves turned on?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.