Wyze Cam Time Not Correct?

I have two wyzecams at two different locations and do a bit of traveling sometimes. These are the wyzecam 2. For some reason one of my cameras is a few hours ahead of what it should be when you click on it to view it in real time. However when you look at recent events and you see the notifications for that specific wyzecam where it show the 12 second clips, it does display the correct time though. This wyzecam I share with few users and they cannot do any change to any settings because I’m the main user.

My other wyzecam is my own wyzecam and I do not share that wyzecam with anyone. There is no issue at all with the time at all.

Is there a reason why this other wyzecam is displaying the time few hours ahead of what it should be?

Go tobyour app camera settings and just sink it to the time you need,…if the time zone is different from your current location then on your device turn off network time and manually put the time you need in your phone and sink it back to what you want

Where exactly do you want me to click on after I open the wyzecam app on my iphone? Is it account and then what? Or do i have to click on that specific wyzecam under home and click on it and then click on the settings icon? If so, there is only rules, device info and wyze support but it doesn’t show time change.

Open the camera app its all there just look it will say set time/sink time

Can you tell me exactly what you want me to click on? You want me to open settings app on my iphone? Then click on what exactly? I do not know how to get to the set time/sync time that you are speaking of. Where is that located?

Shouldn’t I be going to the wyze cam app at some point during this process?

The time showing on my iphone is correct. The time showing on that specific wyzecam is few hours off when you click on it and view it in real time. However any events recorded from that specific wyzecam does show the correct time etc.

Wyze app Home > Your cam icon (Live view) > Settings (gear icon upper right) > Advanced Settings > Sync (lower right). If you do this you will most likely sync your cams to the current time on your phone, wherever that may be.

You can also get your cam to resync time by doing a restart, but sync is faster and easier: Either power off/on or Wyze app Home > Your cam icon (Live view) > Settings (gear icon upper right) > Restart (lower right).If you do this, your cams will most likely sync to the current time at their location.

After I click on Settings (gear icon upper right) for that specific wyzecam,

All I see is

This device is shared by xxxxxxx email.com

Device Info
Wyze Support

Delete Device

Where is advanced settings? I don’t see anything like that.

Don’t know what model there you its so easy to do

Are you trying to sync time on a cam that is owned by someone who shared the cam to you?

I just noticed this. Apparently the other user controls this wyzecam and is sharing it with me. Previously, I owned the wyzecam and controlled all the settings. But last time they had to install or reset the router and make some changes to it. So apparently they made changes where the other user is now the main account holder? The thing was when they did this, I wasn’t here. I also noticed when I click on the other wyzecam I have in my location which I do not share with anyone and is for myself, when I click on that, I see advanced settings and sync time.

So the thing is that person is the owner of the wyzecam and shares it with me now. So they can click sync time and fix the issue. But how do I make myself the owner of the wyzecam as oppose to them? I prefer myself being the owner and sharing settings with them.

The only way to take ownership and complete control of that cam is to hit the cam’s reset button and re-add to your account using your app log in credentials.

Okay so if I do that and add it… the other phone that is currently the owner does not have to do anything right? Because last time I believe when they reset the router or something they made changes to it.

How exactly do I reset it? Do i hold the button for few seconds? Also do i need to scan the QR code? This is the wyzecam 2.

Can you tell me how exactly I hit the cam reset button and re add my account?

This is the wyzecam video for factory reset, is this what you mean? Or is this overboard for my situation? Again I just want me to be in control of the wyzecam and not the other person.

After I do this, the other phones that I want to share this wyzecam with do not need to do anything right? Because last time when they reset the router and made changes to the wyzecam, I never knew any changes were made because the wyzecam showed like normal on my iphone when I wasn’t there. I just was not aware of the time that their iphone was the owner and no longer mine etc.

So how do I do this exactly where I make me the owner of this wyzecam and not them?

Or do I follow the video below? I’m confused what you mean by reset the camera. Do you mean delete it add it again like in the video below

Just add the camera to you account then you can share it,why did you go do a factory reset? The time is adjusted under the advanced tab and at the bottom to sink the current time as long as your device is current…see picture


Hi. You didn’t read my previous posts. I found out that apparently I’m not the owner of this wyzecam because months ago, they did something with the router and the wyzecam and their phone is actually the one that is the owner and controls the settings. I had never noticed this until recently… because I notice I could not go to advanced settings to sync the time. I cannot do this on my phone because I’m not the owner of this wyzecam.

I want to sync the time now but in order to do that, they will have to do this on their wyzecam because they are the owner.

But the main thing is I want to be the owner of this wyzecam. So how do I do this? Do I need to delete this device and follow the steps in the second video? Basically I want it exactly how it is now… except I’m the owner and thus control the settings for this wyzecam… and for me to sync the time correctly. What do I do right now?

To make my question sound as simple as possible. They are using their phone with their own wyzecam email address. I am doing the same with my phone and my own wyzecam email address.

I want my phone and wyzecam account to have control of all the settings like they do now… and for me to share my camera with them as oppose to vice versa. How do I do this?

I think you would have to delete the camera in their account and pair it with yours, if you want to have full control over it. I believe that is the own way at this time.

So you are saying if I have access to the other phone which is in control of the wyzecam right now, I can have to delete the device but does that have to be done with their iphone or it could be done with mine? What do you mean pair it with mine? At the moment they shared their wyzecam with me.

Yes I want my iphone and wyzecam account to have full control of this wyzecam and not them. I would share my wyzecam with them. Basically reverse the way it is right now.

So I’m not 100% sure, but I think what would have to do is get access to their phone or sign in to their account from your phone then delete that camera from their account. Then reset the camera. Then set up the camera on your phone/account. Then when it is set up you can share the camera back with them.

Well can you sign out of your account and sign into there account on your phone? If not have the owner update the time,and if you want that camera on your account a d you be the ower,have go to that camera and just deleted it,andbyou get the camera and add it to your account now you have 2 opinions good luck