Wyze Cam Spotlight

Is the Wyze Cam Spotlight only for older cameras without night vision?
The marketing email shows a very dark image, clearly without night vision, quite different from what my v3 camera displays in total darkness.

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As far as the literature shows it only works with the V3.


Wildbill is correct it is designed to be used, plugged into and fit on the V3 cameras only

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False advertising, as the night vision is not as dark as shown in the video.
They should clarify and show night vision, with and without the light.

Not at all false. The V3 night vision requires some light. If it’s VERY dark, what they show is completely realistic.

Maybe I received a pre-production BETA unit, as my night vision works great, without any nearby street lights, while not color, it’s far brighter than what’s shown in their marketing email.

That all depends on the location and how much light is available
for instance a clear night with a full moon my get different results

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This is where you’re confused. Your “while not color”, means your IR light is on, K6CCC et al, are talking about the use of V3 with the IR light turned off.

Note the color even before the spot light turns on.

This means the IR light is off. That scene is realistic.