Wyze cam “speak” function doesn’t work

Can no longer speak through iPhone to any of my cameras.

Welcome to the forums! Can you explain more about your problem, what you are seeing? Why did you say “can no longer”? Did it work at one time? Are you seeing “access denied” when typing to use the speak function?

Need more info about what cameras you are trying to use, their firmware version, and Wyze app version, etc. Basicly more info will help the community here assist you better. Thanks in advance!

While watching livestream and then pressing and holding the speak icon…initially nothing happens…try again…delayed response from app…then moving voice icon appears and processing icon spins indefinitely. While speaking no sound comes out of the camera.

Used to work perfectly on all devices.

All Wyze Cam v2 running firmware

Perfectly? I could never get either end to have anything near a quality sound. Worked yes if i had a very low bar to judge from.

Thanks. This really helped.

So, no help?

Have you updated you app with the new version from today? I wonder if the general “bug fixes” note listed in the firmware notes apply to this issue. When was the last time you restarted your device? My gut is saying app issue but still can’t out my finger on it. For trouble shooting sake, if you turn off wifi and only use mobile data on your device, does that change this issue? Make it better or not? Some of these The recommendations are “swinging for the fence” but I am interested to see if they improve this.

Another route is the official Support route, you could make a ticket and see that they say about it. They have more tools to check in things. Here is the link to the ticket system.