Wyze Cam Solar Housing

just an idea for a totally wireless WyzeCam wyzecam%20solar%20housing

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Love it!

Would that size panel create enough power to operate the camera? How would the camera be powered at night? What auxiliary systems would need to be present to make this functional?

The solar panel is built into the camera housing, on both sides, and charges an internal lithium battery thats big enough to power the camera for 24 hours, using internal wiring or some sort of external wiring, which could also be used for earlier model cameras.

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While I like the idea, I don’t think solar panels or batteries are efficient enough for that to work. You would need much larger panels and a larger battery that wouldn’t fit in that housing. Even with larger panels and batteries, you would probably be limited to south facing structures due to limited solar exposure. One day in the future maybe.


Thank you, your noticing has been noticed.