Wyze Cam Sense Battery

My Wyze Cam Sense only operates when it is plugged into the USB adapter. Is this model able to function without being plugged in? I am also unable to see the battery percentage on the live feed or in the device info menu. How long am I supposed to leave it plugged in to fully charge when I first set it up? I’m looking to be able to mount it under my porch roof. Thanks!

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The camera pictured is a V2, that needs to be plugged in to work. That is not the battery operated camera. The Wyze Sense bridge, which you have plugged into the back of the v2, needs to be plugged into the camera to piggy back of it’s wifi and be able to work with the sensors. The sense sensor battery level is observed in the device settings for each sensor.

Edit/ here are the support pages for the products you have pictured to hopefully answer all your questions or atleast give you a place to look quick for product details. You have the v2, the Sense bridge, two contact sensors and one motion sensor. That is what comes in the bundle.



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Thanks! What’s the best product to use then for an outdoor camera?

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There is the Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO), which is battery operated and run off a base station. And there is a V3 which was recently released and preorders are being shipped and received this weekend by folks. Those are the outdoor rated cameras, but many many have had luck with the v2 mounted outdoors, but just know that the v2 is an indoor camera, meant to be used indoors. And since you have the bridge on it, I’d say that needs to be kept indoors. That’s just a general overview of the product lineup without knowing any more about your use case.

The best thing for you to do is to research all the cameras offered to see if they do what you are looking for them to do.


In their list of cameras I’m trying to understand the difference between the $20 V3 and the outdoor camera for $50. Can you help me understand the major difference and which one is the best option? I’m simply trying to mount it under the ceiling of my front porch

Do you have power near where you want to mount the camera? Or can you run i’t easy to that spot? The WCO is battery powered, and will need to be recharged depending on your usage. if getting corded power to where you want the camera to be mounted is going to be a big hassle the battery powered WCO would be for you. But battery powered cameras arnt good for live viewing alot, since it sucks down battery. And doesn’t have continuous recording.

Personally, I’d go for the v3, which needs corded power. You can live view it easy, it’s got a starlight sensor that is much better in low light conditions that the other cameras in the line up. And you can continuously record, which is a must for me. Your use case and needs may be different and this wouldn’t work for you.


I was looking for something without a cord but it seems like the V3 is a better purchase I’m wondering if the camera will be able to see from under the porch near the door versus at the post. I don’t know how to attach a picture

Sounds like the battery operated WCO is better for your use case. Just search the forums for all things wco so you know what it’s capabilities are. It connects to a base station that currently needs to be plugged in via an Ethernet cord to your network. That is the hangup for a bunch of folks.

I know there are a lot of pros and cons between both ideally the V3 would be best but I’m just unsure if the camera is mounted closer to the door and plugged in at an outlet along the house if that means that it will be able to see past the overhang of the porch. Not sure if that makes sense I have researched a bunch of forums online but so far you’ve been most helpful

I’ve used my phone to take a bunch of pictures of prospective mounting locations. Just stand on a ladder and hold your phone where the camera would be to take a photo or video of what it’s view would be for comparison sake. Then look at the photos to choose the best angle.

I meant I don’t know how to upload a photo to this conversation thread to explain further what I mean in terms of the camera being able to capture footage beneath the porch toward the street versus near the gutter


I don’t know how to attach a picture

While you’re in edit mode on your topic (or reply), click the upload icon image above the text entry area. This will allow you to upload an image file to the post.

I’m trying to figure out if the corded V3 can be mounted closer to the door where there is an outlet and still capture footage out toward the street or if it is able to be mounted near the gutter and still work, but I’m not sure how to mount it near the gutter without an outlet by its side. I hope that makes sense

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I definitely think that you should use a V3 if you can because you won’t have to deal with recharging the battery and you’ll be able to record more video.
You may be able to connect the camera to a longer power cord like this one and place the V3 further from the outlet.

From the looks of the picture, some work is being done to your house. (Looks nice by the way!) That may be a good time to put in an outdoor outlet with a lockable cover like this one (or similar) so the camera plug stays dry and can’t be unplugged.

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Thanks so much!!

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