Wyze cam requirements for dog monitoring

Other than wyze cam what do you need to be able to check if your dog is ok ? Do you have to have the starter kit too as my initial googling indicated not required but not clear to me how to it up to watch `

Just a camera and a phone. You’ll get an alert every five minutes when the dog moves in front of the camera.

Or if your dogs are lazy, like mine, you can use the live view and watch them lay near the door.


Thanks so much. Thats great news - just need to work out how to connect then now, as when on the app i didnt get alert options, which is why I thought I might need more than the camera, but obviously I missed something and will try again. As I have a 5 month old puppy she isnt exactly lazy yet lol!

In the upper right corner of the app, there is a small tiny bell icon next to the … menu. Make sure the bell doesn’t have a line through it. Due to the small size of the menu and the icon, I’ve turned notifications off several times.


You are wonderful thank you so much for the help

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