Wyze Cam Pan (WYZECP2) not in Bluestacks list

Have a mix of Cam v2 / Cam v3 / Cam Outdoors all ‘found’ ok
in Bluestacks [v5.1]. Can select/view/modify fine.
Added the CamPan OK - shows as an entry in Events (when I added it).
But can’t find/select in normal Home view.
If I select it from Event list, it send signal ok, but no Pan/Tilt controls.

And what’s the question

Need more information. BlueStacks is a program that let’s you emulate an Android environment to use Android apps on a PC. What program are you having an issue with that you have installed within blue stacks? The Wyze app? Tiny cam?

I think your going to say the Wyze app, so what actual version of the Wyze app are you using within blue stacks? I am guessing it hasn’t been updated since the pan v2 was added.


ver 2.22.21 … problem is, as I mentioned -

… can’t find/select (new PAN cam) in normal Home view.

Just events.

Yes, I understand your problem.

Your app is very out of date, 2.26.36 is the current android app. Update your wyze app in BlueStacks and the pan 2 should show in your device list.

Upgraded app in BlueStacks to 2.26.36 like you said.
Did not really change things. FYI - works fine on
Samsung phone - pan/tilt - all good.
I can make it appear if i add to a Camera Group.
Just can’t see singurlay ike the other cams.

Well, oddly enough - after 2 days and a failed firmware update
( → ) I can now see and Pan/Tilt the Cam
in BlueStacks. :wink:

I posted to my own question 2 weeks ago - no, it
wasn’t a swiping issue - but it sort of resolved
itself. Took a few days.
Time lapse works fine for me. Pretty neat playback.
Make sure you’re on latest bluestacks. I was not.