Wyze Cam Pan v3 Firmware Beta Test 11/22/2023


What’s New

  • Adjusted the aging test for the IR cut switch. This test is not expected to impact the customer experience and will not be released to the public. We are validating a change for the production process.

Simultaneously updated 2 of 7 CPv3 cams. Updates took about 4 mins each. Updated one via Account > Firmware Update and one via Settings > Device Info > Firmware Version. Will update others after verifying IR cut related functionality over the next 24 hours.

Any insight as to what we should be looking for with this test?

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Updated one PanV3 to Beta FW. Awaiting further testing details while monitoring cam behavior.

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Updated 3 pan V3, each took several minutes to complete, but no issues. Did this last evening, have not noticed any changes in their behavior. Will update if i do.


No anomalies encountered after 3 days, so I updated 3 additional CPv3 cams to yesterday. All 5 are running well.


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