Wyze Cam Pan v3 extension cable

YES - thank you

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Everybody knows about the PanCam v3 proprietary plug by now, but wyze sells the outdoor power adapter with a 4 inch L shaped adapter to just plug into your straight micro usb. My question is, why don’t you guys at wyze include the little adapter with the purchase of the PanCam v3?
The outdoor power adapter costs roughly 16-25$ depending where you purchase it.
Then you have a plug getting tossed in the dredded kitchen drawer of tangled blobs of other cables you can’t bring yourself to throw away! :rofl:
Charge a couple of bucks more on the price and make everyone’s life easier!


So I understand…
The WCPv3 doesn’t have a pigtail the way the Wyze Cam V3 or Wyze Cam OG have.
The WCPv3 has a female port on it, like the WCPv2, WCPv1, WCv2, WCv1, WOCv1, etc.
The port is at a weird angle so that people cannot mount the camera without a dongle/adapter of some type?

Would love some photos demonstrating the issue.

Sounds like Wyze has developed longer cords, and the USB extension cords on amazon (‘active’ type?) will work, and of course whatever ships with the WCPv3 will work, but the cable is short (I noticed their cables have been getting shorter with newer products).

Do I understand the issue?

is the female port on the WCPv3 different than the port used on all the other cameras (that goofy one used by old digital cameras and kindle devices - not a USB-C)?

The design is specifically to achieve the weatherproof outdoor rating.


It is a 6ft cord, 90° male MicroUSB to Male USB-A.

Very. The plug well and the microUSB plug are designed to form a weatherproof seal.

These photos help so very much, thank you. So they still plug in, just on the bottom. And it can only be mounted from that same bottom. Are there pictures showing how people have struggled with this design? I can understand a pigtail out the back vs. the bottom mount fairly well, and I get that length is not desirable for some people at 6’, but would love to see photos of why this setup really isn’t working for them. This would work for me. Longer cable would be great. Dongle is available from Wyze. What is the issue, that it is different? That it isn’t the same as the others? People want to use their old cables and just swap from one camera to this camera and cannot without a dongle? Thanks

Say your cable has been permanently put into place as in run through a wall to the outside of your house. The old cameras didn’t have the angle ends for weatherproofing. It would be nice to have the dongle to switch out the original USB-C in place to the new angled end USB-C for new cameras!

A search of the forum will reveal many threads of the issues experienced. In my case, the. PanV3 were replacements for V3 that had already been powered by 20’ microUSB extension. All had to be replaced or adapted since the only option to power was the supplied cable and a USB-A extension or a USB-A to microUSB adapter.

The 6" pigtail is not available separately. It can only be acquired thru the purchase of the Outdoor Power Adapter V2.

The 6" pigtail adapter is dual microUSB.


Thank you – I now fully understand the situation.

I have 6 cameras installed that I drilled holes through cement and cinder block to be able to get the USB cables run from a UPS inside the house to the outside camera. Those are caulked into place to prevent bugs and water from entering the property In some cases I use USB extensions that came with the Wyze pan and scan v1 mounting kits of old, and in other cases I purchased longer USB cables from Wyze or Amazon vendors.

If I had to re-run those cables or remove caulk and re-run a wire through my walls, yes, I would be very upset because of the level of effort it took to install the cameras, for sure. Plus, I did a really neat and tidy installation; any additional length of cable would look bad or draw attention to the security cameras, which I’m trying to be discrete about.

That actually compounded the issue. Because the previous holes drilled thru my soffits were sized specifically to accept only the male straight MicroUSB adapter and a 5mm barrel adapter for the IR Floodlight inserted sequentially, the hole had to be widened to allow for the larger 90° microUSB or the male USB-A. That meant both power lines had to be re-fished and pulled from the attic. A full afternoon of crawling in the rafters that could have been avoided with some engineering standardization.

Oh that sucks. Much more difficult than a hole in a wall. I tried just to pull on the usb cable I had made through my wall that was caulked in place – the cable just snapped in half. Caulk is strong it turns out. Wanted to remove the existing short cable with 2 extensions with a single longer cable. Knew I’d have to re-caulk anyway, just thought maybe pulling the cable through the cement wall would save me time. Nope – had to get a screwdriver.

The fact that in your installation a larger hole also had to be cut is just like doing the entire project over from scratch really. The cutting of the hole and feeding it through and sealing it takes the most time.

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I just had this conversation with support, and I was told the best way to be heard was to post it on the wish list forum… I absolutely agree, this should be part of the Cam Pan V3 product.
Supply a Pigtail with a cord. Hopefully I’m not preaching to the choir :wink: :wink:


Hopefully they listen. There are simple wishlist requests that were made 4 years and still haven’t come to pass…

Growing pains of a startup. Balance of products vs features vs support vs stability.

I think you mean botched. This is the buggiest release ever. Hardly anything works as advertised.

Cam lite isn’t supported. (deliberate)
Doesn’t return to home point when tracking or panning.
Proprietary cable makes it a pain to set up without buying additional “certified” cables. (deliberate)
Motion detection range is abysmal compared to the V3.
Numerous units getting the “error 90”.

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Sell Weatherproof Dongle separately for use with existing setups or the outdoor v1 plug.



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There are a lot of different solutions for extensions, but a simple USB male/female extension cable can work, also POE (power over ethernet) solutions can work.
I have done this, but I am running into power issues with the v3 pan, where after a while the camera loses the wifi and needs to be rebooted. This is more frequent when I am using an extension. There is a different post on this issue. Has anyone using extensions noticed this issue, i.e. the camera losing wifi, in particular after panning or tracking?

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Everyone seems to want this. Surprised not on amazon separately from someone. Was really a poor choice to change the connector to that angled one, IMHO.


When using extension with my v2 and v1 pan & zooms I notice this. I switched all the exterior devices to CamV3 and CamOG to remove those issues. Only interior devices are pan & scan. Don’t own a pan and zoom V3 – and happy I don’t based on all the negative posts here on them.