Wyze Cam Pan v3 Drift Update

Same problem

My V2 also drifts.

Any update on this? I’ve noticed the drift as well. New problem is the camera is stuck on a position and can only command it up or down. Manually move the camera where you want it and it goes back to the view you don’t want. I’ve done all the things to correct it but nothing works. Unless anyone has suggestions I’ll have to swap it out for a new one.

If you have a Detection Zone set, the cam will automatically return to that set “Home Position” after 15s. If you need to reset your Home Position, turn off the DZ or reposition the cam within the DZ UI, quickly change a single block, and click Save.

If you have Waypoints set, turn off Pan Scan to keep it from moving to the next Waypoint after 5s.

With the DZ, Pan Scan, and Track Motion off, the cam should hold Home Position when it is repositioned.

The Drift issue has been updated monthly in the Fix-It Friday thread. A Beta Test version release with a fix is expected soon.

Would be kind of silly to swap out the camera unless you are going with another brand because you’ll be buying the same issue.

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I’ve been asking support for a resolution on this issue and have specifically asked if this is a known issue, all they’ve done is given me a Wyze gift card for another Pan Cam v3 which doesn’t even cover taxes by the way, and this second camera obviously has the same problem. Your support would benefit from being actually useful and having access to a knowledge base. I finally resorted to searching the forums and, unsurprisingly, discovered this is a known issue. I hope you release some firmware that fixes this cause otherwise this camera is literally useless if you want tracking + pan scan enabled.


Mine periodically flips out and moves to a random spot even if I have all the motion things turned off to make it just a regular V3. Which totally defeats the purpose in my opinion.

Why would anyone bother with a panning camera that has to be set in a static spot to make it reliable? And now it doesn’t even stay in the right spot regardless.


I had that too. I think because I had a daily reboot scheduled it decided to find a new home spot after a reboot. I turned that off hoping that fixes it. Otherwise I’ll need a hose clamp or put glue in the motor to keep it from moving on it’s own. What a dumpster fire…

Such an easy fix. 3D printers solved this drift calibration issue long ago.

I like your idea for a daily camera restart to reset the cameras. I’ll try that out. :+1:. To bad we have to do this.

Quickest way to eliminate backlash from the equation is to go past the waypoint then go to waypoint.
As long as you always account for backlash in the same direction it should be repeatable.
Although I do like the fixing on a object suggestion too.

But you have to drive the camera manual to the end point in both directions to get the camera back in alignment with the waypoint. Or do you have a better way I’m not seeing???

No im saying in the software Wyze should be able to over travel then back up to the correct position. Something they would be able to update fairly easily.

Turns out this looks to be entirely a software issue. My cam accidently motion tracks even with the setting off. It should never move but I have footage of it doing just that and then it’s in the wrong position.

Do you know if a fix has been merged in yet? I haven’t looked in sometime?