Wyze Cam Pan Mounting Kit Launched!

How about something like one of these:


hmmm, some of those might work actually, thank you!

This one might do the trick:


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This one would also work, but not sure if it’s strong enough for the weight of the pan cam: https://www.amazon.com/Moretek-Adjustable-Rotation-Magnetic-Accessories/dp/B07N1NPHBR/ref=sr_1_15?keywords=magnetic+camera+mount&qid=1551391295&s=gateway&sr=8-15

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All you need is a magnet With a hole in it That you can attach to the Mount Then the Magnet will Attach to the beam .
One of these Magnets 32mm, 1 1/4", will hold the Mount and The camera
Each magnet can support 12kg , 26lbs

These will hold 90 pounds , a #10 Bolt is 3/16"

Ok that looks great! Guess I’d need a nut too. Thank you!!

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This worked very well btw! It’s not “pretty” but it’s very functional. Thanks again!!


Cool, I’m glad it worked out for you, I figured That would do the trick .
Good video , it will help others also .
You say it’s not pretty but, I think it looks pretty darn good as is.
If you really wanted to , I guess you could paint the outer edge of the magnet and the screw / nut white.
You have Enough magnets to put up 7 more pan cams :grinning: :wink:

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Very affordable fix and I do have a bunch more to mount. :joy:. Waiting for the weatherproof ones to come out so I can get more for outdoors :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I donr really care much what it looks like, just a shame to ruin their beautiful design… But all I really care about is that it works :+1::+1:

Thank you again!

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Consider using a product called “Goop” It a multisurface glue that stays somewhat plyable over time. Plus if you need to remove it in the future just heat it up with a hair dryer and work it loose.

The other option that is more time consuming to wait for the adhesive to set is pure silicone. The advantage of using either of these products to mount to steel or otherwise is they can be removed fairly cleanly in the future from the surface and the mount if necessary.

If the angles are not ideal, you could mount a wedge shaped piece of wood to the steel using the aforementioned methods and screw the mount into the wood block you placed. To make it look cleaner, you could paint the wood block to match the steel so it does not stand out as much.

(Side note: If there is not a strong WiFi signal near the cameras additional magnets have the potential to degrade the signal strength to and from the camera)

Good luck.

@flash thanks for the comment! I revised my earlier post with your feedback. :grin:

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Hi Gwendolyn,

I tried clicking the link to the Pan Mounting Kit and it keeps giving 404 Errors (Page not found). Would love to order a few when they are back in stock along with a few more cameras to give to friends. Thanks for the support.

Hello @pkunk, you can order the mounts from within the Wyze app from the “Shop” tab.

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I guess I’m confused by your comment @pkunk , as all of the stationary wyze cams as well as the pancam mounting kit have magnets already. How is this magnet any different regarding the wifi signal?

For what it’s worth I’ve had several installed at various points around for a couple of weeks now, and no issues w/ the wifi signal.

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I just tried and the store page came up fine:


Could you try again, perhaps with a different browser?

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When I ordered the pre-sale kits the regular mounting kits were showing however the cam pan ones were not listed. I presumed this may be due to lack of stock? I will check again. Thanks @mixonepa for letting me know it was in the Shop part of the app.


Thanks @Loki; I just tried when I got home today from Chrome on my mac and it came up fine. Still showing temporarily out of stock though. I thought maybe it was from AdBlock and Ghostery for a minute. However, it was probably the terrible DNS from the ISP at work.


We were out of stock for a while but the new stock is on its way so we’re opening up orders again. :slight_smile:

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Has anyone tried mounting these with 3M command poster strips?

I purchased a Cam Pan Mounting Kit and have a few suggestions.

I’d like to suggest that the distance between the mount base to the end be extended between 1/2 to 1 inch. The reason being is that if you plug a USB into the back of the cam (to extend power to another cam). The USB plug + the bend of the wire into it almost prevents the cam from rotating should it be placed along a wall. The extra distance would allow it to freely turn, I ended up putting a small block to extend the distance from the wall to allow clearance from the USB cord causing a problem.

Hope this made some sort of sense.

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Might want to make that a Wish List item.

Thanks for your request! As a heads up, we don’t recommend using Wyze Cam Pan for daisy chaining due to its higher power requirements.

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