Wyze Cam Pan: Hardwired

The Wyze Cam Pan has a USB 3.0 A connector on the back of it. What’s that for? I’m looking to solidify my connections around my home, hardwire them all, don’t like my signals toggling off and on. Is there any way to use that USB 3.0 A to then run the camera off it? Or, maybe even by going from USB 3.0 to RJ45 and doing it that way?

Any help would be great. Any ideas, etc.

I can totally redo the firmware as needed, however, it must all work from the iOS(pref) and/or Android app or any type of desktop interface be it linux, win, mac. Self-deployable even, or self-served, all is good for me.

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Hi @drlouie and welcome to the Forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

The short answer is no, the camera must periodically connect with the AWS servers and that is where the 12-swecond Event Video clips are stored (aside from the uSD card).

The USB is used to power the camera and interface w/the Wyze Sense module.

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Thank you, I truly appreciate your time and effort in posting an answer.

By utilizing USB-A-to-RJ45 and bypassing WiFi, we’d still get to interact with AWS, if indeed that’s the only caveat we have in doing such a thing.

However, the question still remains, is it possible?

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There is no video or audio communication presented to the ports.
It is a good idea to post on the #wishlist. Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face: